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ヴェルデューゴ (Buerudyūgo?)
Biological information
Height:Over 8 feet (244 cm)
Development information
Date of
Created via:Gene splicing
Purpose:Bodyguards of Ramon Salazar
Gameplay information
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The Verdugo, Spanish for "Executioner", were B.O.W.s created by Los Iluminados for the purpose of serving as personal bodyguards or the right hands for Ramon Salazar.


2nd Verdugo

The "black-cloaked" Verdugo when it fused together with Ramon Salazar.

The Verdugo were created by a fusion of human and insect DNA implanted with Plagas.[1] Two Verdugo, presumably the only two in existence, served as Ramon Salazar's personal bodyguards. They concealed their mutated forms beneath voluminous Los Iluminados cloaks, with one wearing red and the other wearing black.

When Leon survived a booby trap in The castle, the diminutive master of the castle sent his red-cloaked Verdugo to personally kill the intruder. The Verdugo cornered Leon in the sewers under the castle, but the former Raccoon City Police officer managed to evade it. The black-cloaked Verdugo remained at Salazar's side, and eventually fused with its master and the Queen Plaga to fight Leon.


Re4 verdugo

A Verdugo under its cloak.

The Verdugos are at first unseen; their forms hidden under long red and black cloaks that bore Los Iluminados' insignia. Their faces, however, were seen to be clearly inhuman, having shimmering red eyes and large mandibles, and their hands having only two long, spindly fingers with one opposable thumb. Later, when one of them was sent to hunt down Leon S. Kennedy, it discarded its cloak to reveal a thin, insectoid body, covered in a black exoskeleton and having a long segmented tail. As it tracked Leon, it would occasionally attack by thrusting its tail through the floor or ceiling grate. Its carapace is highly damage-resistant to the extent that it can survive gunfire and explosions.

The Verdugos also seem to possess very high intelligence, both showing the capability of restraint and violence. The Verdugo is capable of sneaking around and attacking its prey out of sight like a well trained monster, and demonstrates the ability to not only walk upright, but swing its arms back and forth while running, a trait found only in human beings. Verdugo demonstrates the capacity to take orders and contains high levels of comprehension.

A very good example can be seen when it grabs the knife in Salazar's hand, throwing it back at Leon not only with pinpoint accuracy, but while using two fingers and with the blade aimed at Leon. The Verdugo does not appear to possess a thumb on either hand, but is capable of using its third claw in a similar fashion. The Verdugos also seem to stand very patiently and uniformly during several appearances.

Moveset and tacticsEdit

Attack Damage Description
Claw attack (ツメ攻撃

Tsume kōgeki?)

650 ツメ攻撃
一歩みこみながら、 片手のツメで引っかく。
Claw attack (when frozen) (ツメ攻撃(凍結時) Tsume kōgeki (tōketsu-ji)?) 300 力ない動作で、ツメを振りまわす。

Leon can confront the red-cloacked verdugo in the sewers directly or simply attempt to flee from it during Chapter 4-1. If killed, it drops the crown jewel. Defeating it also yields the A Terrifying Assassin award in the HD remakes.

Before the battle starts, Verdugo will stalk the player as they go to the power room. It will either attack from above or below and the player must dodge via quick time event. Verdugo will reveal itself after the power is restored and the player attempts to leave the room. The shutter will activate and the player will be stuck in the room for a set amount of time. After the shutter opens, the player will then need to wait for the elevator if they wish to escape (the shutter and elevator open and arrive instantly if the player defeats Verdugo that fast so they don't have to wait).

It is believed to have the equivalent of around 900 health points, making it one of the more robust enemies in the game. Killing it will require a lot of ammo and potentially many healing items, meaning it may be worth not fighting it or buying a Rocket Launcher.

During the battle, the player can knock over the red liquid nitrogen canisters scattered about the area to freeze the creature and render it temporarily vulnerable for a few seconds. The player can kick Verdugo via action command when it is initially frozen. After a varied mount of time, the Verdugo will break out of its nitrogen casing and return to normal again. While frozen, it receives tripled damage and a direct hit from a Rocket Launcher will be an instant kill. It is advised that you save the Rocket Launcher you get from the weapons' cabinet on an earlier chapter for this fight.

Even if the player doesn't kill it, it never appears in any subsequent appearances with Salazar. Unlike most bosses, the Verdugo is still there if you decide to go back after not killing it.

The second one is fought fused with Ramon Salazar as the Queen Plaga later in the game.



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