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Weapon Box Key
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Room:Cable car platform
Item type
Item type:Key
Uses guide
Opens:Weapons Locker, P-4 laboratory
Special guide
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"An odd-shaped key. Umbrella's logo is on the tag..."
— Item examination

The Weapon Box Key is a key item in Resident Evil 2.


It is used to unlock the Weapons Locker, revealing the Magnum Parts in Leon's scenarios (for his Magnum), or two cases of regular Grenade Rounds in Claire's scenarios.


In William Birkin's underground lab, there are several white lockers bunched together in the area. One of them has a flashing blue light and is the Weapons Locker. The key is hidden in the side of the Cable car platform. The Lighter must be used on the mounted flare gun to light up the area, revealing the key's location.



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