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The "Anti-Umbrella resistance" are a group of individuals dedicated to fighting the power of the Umbrella Corporation, once lead by Albert Wesker.

Wanted jill carlos apocalypse

Jill and Carlos wanted by the authorities for their actions in Resident Evil: Apocalypse.


Resident Evil

Matt and Lisa Addison were among the first individuals known to be a part of a group working actively against the Umbrella Corporation for their illegal genetic experiments in the underground lab known as the Hive. According to Matt, there are thousands of members around the world who believe that corporations like Umbrella are not above the law and need to be stopped. Matt states that some supply information and some take more direct action. Given his implied history with government organizations such as Quantico, NSA and ViCAP,[1] Matt deemed he would be unable to infiltrate the Hive without attracting attention.

His sister, Lisa, went in his stead, posing as an employee for Umbrella working in the Hive. She maintained contact with either her brother or the group they were affiliated with and some point down the line, affiliated herself with Alice, the Hive's Head of Security. With the promise of securing Lisa all that she needed (security and surveillance) to pull off the theft of the virus, Lisa promised Alice that she and her brother would bring the corporation to its knees, Alice's only condition for her help.

Unaware that they were being spied on by Spence, their plan was eventually ruined when Alice's partner stole the virus for himself and released it into the environment of the Hive. Having lost contact with his sister, Matt arrived at the Looking Glass House in the guise of an RCPD officer at the same time the Sanitation team came to find out what happened in the Hive. Both Matt and Alice accompanied the Sanitation team into the Hive where Matt revealed the truth about his work to Alice after an attack by an Undead Lisa. Over time, Alice's memories of her work with Lisa returned while Spence was exposed as the one who released the T-virus in the first place.

As the Hive is sealed, Matt and Alice escape with the T-virus and anti-virus samples Lisa was after, the proof needed to take Umbrella down. However, Matt begins to mutate due to a scratch from an Advanced Licker and the two are captured by Umbrella forces for experimentation before they can use the samples to bring down Umbrella.


In the aftermath of the outbreak in the underground lab, the Hive and the destruction of Raccoon City, survivors Alice, Jill Valentine, Carlos Olivera, Angela Ashford and Lloyd Jefferson Wayne, made an effort to discredit the global conglomerate of the Umbrella Corporation.

Releasing the recorded footage as captured by Raccoon 7 weather reporter, Terri Morales, to several news stations, they hoped to expose the genocidal actions of the corporation to the world. However, the sway of Umbrella's power proved too great; the tape was renounced as a fake and their efforts immediately labeled as criminal.

Wanted for questioning by the police, Jill and the others went into hiding and only emerged when they learned of Alice's survival and captivity in the Umbrella Facility in Detroit. Unaware of the experimentation she underwent, they depart with Alice and presumably continued their efforts to fight Umbrella until the global outbreak of the t-Virus began to spread across the world.


In the film and novelization of Resident Evil: Extinction, Alice breaks ties with the group, fearing herself a danger to them after the death of Angela Ashford[2] and learning of Umbrella's control over her. Jill and Carlos went their separate ways when Jill was spotted by the authorities and she used herself as a distraction to allow him and L.J. to escape.[3]

The two eventually joined Claire Redfield's convoy, but ceased any proactive activity against Umbrella, now simply fighting to survive. Alice remained off the grid, avoiding the satellites of Umbrella until she crossed paths of the convoy. Forced into confrontation, Alice and the others resumed their battle against Umbrella, L.J. and Carlos losing their lives in the process. With the help of the White Queen, Alice confronts a clone of Umbrella head Doctor Alexander Isaacs, now mutated by the virus. Unexpectedly, one of the Alice clones being used to create a anti-virus to domesticate the Undead, manages to kill him using a replica of the Hive's laser grid.

Determined to put an end to Umbrella's ways, she and the clones travel to Tokyo in a move to kill Wesker. Though she fails initially, her clones killed and her powers taken by Wesker's serum, Alice, Claire and Chris Redfield eventually defeat Wesker on the Arcadia. In the process they save over a thousand survivors. Shortly thereafter, the group is defeated and captured by a brainwashed Jill Valentine now under the control of the reprogrammed Red Queen.

Albert Wesker's resistance

During the pre-production of Resident Evil: Retribution, Leon Kennedy and Barry Burton were described as being part of a human resistance against Umbrella that joins Alice in her fight during the film.[4] Johaan Urb later stated that Leon was hired by Albert Wesker to rescue Alice from the corporation's control after the events of Afterlife.[5]

In the film, when Alice is imprisoned in the Russian Umbrella Prime facility by the Red Queen, Wesker sends the likes of Leon Kennedy, Barry Burton, Luther West and two other survivors to rescue her. Headed by Ada Wong, the team entered the facility and whether or not they succeeded in retrieving Alice, they would destroy it with explosives set above the surface.

Alice eventually reunites with Luther and the others later on and with some minor difficulty, destroy the facility and the clones being produced inside of it. They free Jill Valentine from the Red Queen's control and head back to the United States in Washington, D.C., Wesker is revealed to be leading the last of humanity in the war against Umbrella.


Wesker's leadership of the resistance is revealed to be a farce, part of an elaborate ploy to get the remnants of humanity into one location so that they can be wiped out. Wesker's plan succeeds and the White House is destroyed, killing all but Wesker himself and Alice.

End of Umbrella

Following the betrayal of Wesker, Alice is contacted by the Red Queen who was merely a patsy in Wesker's plot. In truth, the Red Queen is on the side of the resistance as she is programed to protect humans. The Red Queen offers Alice a solution: a potent anti-virus developed by Umbrella and kept in the Hive that will kill anything infected with the T-virus upon contact. The anti-virus, once released, will be able to end the Global T-Virus pandemic engineered by Umbrella as an "engineered apocalypse." Alice is also informed that she only has 48 hours until the last remaining human settlements around the world will be destroyed by Undead armies commanded by a clone of Doctor Alexander Isaacs.

After a successful defense of the settlement in the ruins of Raccoon City from the first Undead army, Alice leads a team of survivors into the Hive to retrieve and release the anti-virus and end the Global T-Virus pandemic once and for all. Inside the Hive, Alice learns that the pandemic was a plot to end the world by Isaacs, one that only the thousands of Umbrella employees held in stasis in the Hive would survive. Alice is able to plant explosives from the Sanitation team's leftover equipment on the stasis chambers and comes face to face with the real Isaacs and Alicia Marcus, the daughter of Umbrella co-founder Doctor James Marcus.

With the aid of Alicia, the Red Queen and Claire Redfield, Alice defeats Wesker and Isaacs and destroys the Hive with all of the Umbrella High Command within as well as Wesker and thousands of other Umbrella employees kept in stasis to wait out the pandemic. Outside, Alice attempts to release the anti-virus and is stopped by Isaacs who is then killed by his own clone. After the clone falls to the Undead, Alice releases the anti-virus, wiping out the Undead army near her and the one about to destroy the human settlement in Raccoon City. With the death of Isaacs, the Red Queen is able to call off the Umbrella forces about to attack the remaining settlements, saving what's left of humanity. With the Hive and Umbrella High Command destroyed, Umbrella is effectively left defunct as its entire leadership is now gone. As well, the anti-virus will spread across the globe and kill anything infected with the T-virus, ultimately ending the global pandemic and foiling the Umbrella plot though it will take several years for the anti-virus to reach everywhere on Earth.

Known members

Resident Evil (film)

Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Resident Evil: Extinction

Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil: Retribution

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter


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