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"Biohazard 7: Resident Evil" X "TGI Fridays" Collaboration (『バイオハザード7 レジデント イービル』 ×「TGI FRIDAYS」コラボレーション “Baiohazādo 7 rejidento ībiru” × `TGI FRIDAYS' koraborēshon?) is a collaboration between Capcom and TGI Fridays to sell drinks with Resident Evil themed names in order to advertise Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in Japan. It will last from January 23–12 February 2017


TGI Fridays menu
  1. "BIOHAZARD7 resident evil"
  2. "Jack Baker"
  3. "Molded"
  4. "Margerite's Lantern"


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