Outbreak Ending - Cindy

Outbreak Ending - Cindy

"Outbreak" CINDY: ENDING is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak. It is unlocked when beating "Outbreak" as Cindy Lennox, and costs 500 points to access.[1]


Cindy Lennox: "We did it!"

Cindy (voice): "Who could have ever have imagined a day like this would come, with all of the tragedy's surrounding us I felt insignificant. But its different now, I believe that I will survive anything, I'm scared but I have to keep going."

Radio announcer: "Yesterday just before dawn, the Pentagon announced radio active waste has been leaked throughout Raccoon City, in accordance with the U.S. safety regulations, the city has been placed under quarantine and the army has been sent in, to investigate and control the situation."

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