08- Outbreak - Intro (Cindy)

08- Outbreak - Intro (Cindy)

"Outbreak" CINDY: OPENING is a cutscene in Resident Evil Outbreak. It is unlocked when beating "Outbreak" as Cindy Lennox, and costs 500 points to access.[1]


TV Announcer: "There was a disruption earlier at today's football match the Raccoon Sharks and Old Court Thunders. Apparently the game was interrupted when an unruly fan went out of control and sparked a riot. The number of injuries is not yet known but over..."

As Cindy walks past Mark Wilkins, a Rat runs by, causing her to drop a glass.

Mark: Aren't you eating anything? Hey, Bob, where's your mind at?

Bob moves his head up from the table

Bob: What?

The front door opens and a man limps in, groaning.
Will, picking up glasses from the table notices the stranger.

Will: Huh? What a weird customer.
Mark: Who is this guy?

Bob falls to the floor

Mark: Damn it, he's unconscious. Are you alright?

Will walks to the man

Will: What are you doing?

The zombie attacks Will, biting through his neck.
Will pushes him out and locks the door.
Another zombie slams his head on the window, the sudden noise frightening Cindy.

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