This is the ending cutscene to the "Outbreak" scenario under Kevin Ryman. The first two thirds of the cutscene, featuring the explosions and the police reinforcements are actually optional, as the player can simply run back to the police van and escape.


Kevin: Now that was a rush...

(A police barricade is being set in the Main Street)

Kevin: Everything started to going wrong from then... Now maybe we just didn't think were going wrong for a long time. Dead people wandering the city and searching the living. When that becomes normal, I know that it's time to give up...

(An Army barricade is set to quarantine the city)

News broadcaster: Yesterday, just before dawn, the Pentagon announced that radioactive waste has been leaked throughout Raccoon City.
In accordance with US safety regulations, the city has been placed under quarantine and the army has been sent in to investigate and control the situation.

News broadcaster: 昨日未明のペンタゴンの発表によると放射能はラクーンシティ全域に拡散…