"Scarmiglione" development document is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: Revelations.


Scarmiglione is a B.O.W. that utilizes the well-suited DNA of a shark.

The genetic make-up of sharks has changed very little during their history as predators for millions of years, and the use of that DNA provides the fierce aggression in these weapons.

The Scarmiglione's form and color resembles that of its shark ancestors, and its spiny appendages resembles lances.

The spines are a characteristic of cartilaginous fish. They form when an area of placoid scales mutate and combine with hardened muscle fiber. This allows the creatures to use piercing attacks and move with as much agility as land animals. On top if this, the scales are as strong as an armored car, far surpassing the scales of a normal shark.

This gives them unparalleled frontal defenses.