"The Abyss" is the name of a marine virus found living amongst fish in the Kermadec Trench to the east of New Zealand, some 9 kilometres (30,000 ft) below sea-level,[1] in the Hadopelagic zone.[notes 1]


The Montpellier Marine University had conducted expeditions to the Kermadec Trench, an underwater canyon, where at its 9000 meters deep was found a new species of fish, whose body was adapted to take on the great amount of the pressure caused by millions of gallons of water surrounding it. After examination of specimen, the scholars found that those traits that allowed the fishes to survive deep underwater were not caused by evolutions, but caused by a virus. Such ability of adapting into a host, caused the scholars at the university to call it simply "The Abyss".


After their discovery, the scholars decided to make another expedition to gather a greater amount of fish in order to gain larger quantities of the virus, since the virus itself could be lead to the development of B.O.W.s as the virus let its host to gain resistance to high pressure environments, the need of less oxygen to survive and heat resistance. These features could make a strong B.O.W. Ultimately it was merged with the T-Virus to form the T-Abyss Virus.


  1. Although the name suggests that it was found in the Abyssopelagic zone, anything deeper than 6 kilometres (20,000 ft) is part of the Hadopelagic zone.
  1. Resident Evil: Revelations, Researching the Deep-Sea Virus

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