Wildstorm universe
(Covers information from the D.C. comics)
The Überhund was a canine-based B.O.W. product developed by Giesel Industries.[1]


They were used to guard the B.O.W. production facility under a ziggurat in Urador, and used as a base of operations for attacking neighbouring Übelandia.

They were activated remotely by Neuermann Giesel to deter the remaining B.S.A.A. agents inside the ziggurat facility from escaping before the explosive charges they put in place self destructed. The Überhunds succeeded in killing some of the agents before they were obliterated in the facility's detonation.


The Überhund is easily comparable to Umbrella's Cerberus bio-weapon, as it was developed to be a low-cost alternative. Überhunds appear to be based upon the Weimaraner, a German bred hunting dog before being infected with the t-Virus. Like the Cerberus, Überhunds suffer from necrosis, giving them a partially skinned look.

Remote operated explosive implants that restricted their motor skills were surgically placed into the B.O.W.s frontal lobe, with circular pieces of the device jutting out the tops of their heads. This device gave the user full ability to trigger their ferocity via a remote control, or, if the need arose, detonate the bombs.


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