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Raccoon City's elephant parade, with Oscar as the star, stops running.[1]

30 JanuaryEdit

The young Alfred Ashford finds a hidden door in the Antarctic Base. He notes his frustration over finding a way of opening it.[2]

17 FebruaryEdit

Alfred and Alexia finally enter the room. They are horrified upon learning that they were mere experiments created as part of their father Alexander's lust for a (positive) reputation.[2]

3 MarchEdit

Alexia and Alfred finally trap their father Alexander, and experiment on him with a strain of the Progenitor virus developed by Alexia herself.[2]

22 AprilEdit

Alfred writes about the recent experiment, noting that Alexander failed even to make a good test subject.[2]

31 DecemberEdit

Alexia, after faking her death in a laboratory accident, infects herself with the T-Veronica virus and begins a 15-year cryogenic sleep in order to gain the benefits of the virus while bypassing its degenerative effects. She entrusts her safety during this time to Alfred.[2]


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