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1st JulyEdit

  • The Tyrant proves to be an obstacle for the research. Although the t-Virus is well suited to creating zombies and hunters, to create a Tyrant, the infected needs to contain a certain, rare gene. In short – only one in ten million hosts would become a Tyrant. The research comes to a standstill.

Unknown DateEdit

  • Feeling the pressure of competition, particularly from the European branch. Wesker quickly demands a sample of the NE-α Type, despite Birkin's opposition, in order exploit it for his own success. Spencer makes the impossible happen and within just a few days Wesker and Birkin have a sample of the parasite. Before long Wesker and Birkin add a long list of deaths to their research, as the parasite kills most of its hosts within minutes.[2]
  • Wesker, desperately trying to take control of the NE-α Type, decides as a last resort to use Lisa Trevor as a host for the NE-α Type.[2]
  • Lisa Trevor is administered with the NE-α Type, and the sample disappears the moment it is injected into her. Lisa absorbs the properties of the parasite into her own genetic make-up.[3]
  • Birkin, now obsessed with Lisa, ignores all the previous research and starts fresh. He learns that within Lisa is the first ever known existence of the G-virus.[3]


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