February 24thEdit

Javier Hidalgo is approached by a stranger connected with the Ashford family. He suggests that the t-Virus could be used to save his comatose wife.[1]


April 30thEdit

Hilda Hidalgo is cured from her illness by the t-Virus, but remains in a comatose state.[1]


May 6thEdit

Arguing over the stranger's increase in the price of t-samples, Javier learns of the "V" virus.[1]

May 11thEdit

Javier becomes worried that the t-Virus is what is keeping her in a comatose-state.[1]

May 20thEdit

Javier begins to doubt in the existence of a higher power.[1]


June 14thEdit

Javier moves Hilda away so that no one else may see her.[1]


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