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Month Day Location Event
Undated Unknown Joe Kendo presents the original prototype of the S.T.A.R.S. handgun to Brian Irons and the S.T.A.R.S. team. The design is met with approval, though a few further modifications are requested.[citation needed]
Undated Phase 2 of testing begins for Kendo's S.T.A.R.S. handgun design. The design is tested by four members of Alpha team: Chris Redfield; Jill Valentine; Barry Burton and Albert Wesker. [citation needed]
15th Raccoon Forest An unnamed botanist; while exploring, discovers an abandoned building, believing it to be a cabin.[1]
18th Raccoon Forest The botanist returns with his friend Rick to collect plant samples, setting up base camp in the building.[1]
19th Raccoon Forest "Dorothy"; the t-Virus infected plant that Albert Lester believes to be his reincarnated wife, blocks the only door with vines, effectively locking the two men inside.[1]
20th Raccoon Forest *The botanist drops his satellite phone, breaking it. He can no longer contact the outside world.[1]
  • Rick begins sensing a Human presence within the building. The botanist however, blames this on hallucinations caused by being trapped inside.[1]
  • The botanist finds a room containing pharmaceuticals and fills a syringe with them in an attempt to kill the plant's vines - it works.[1]
  • Lester attacks the pair and kills Rick.[1]
2nd The Daily Raccoon publishes a story referring to high amount of toxins in the local water supply.[2]
6th Police Chief Brian Irons' secretary inadvertently moves a stone statue when leaning on it. Irons begins shouting at him.[3]
7th Irons' secretary ponders on Irons' ability to afford his collection, which covers the police department.[3]
25th The managing director of the Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A takes part in his first day of work, which is also his birthday.[4]
9th Arklay Laboratory The animal keeper takes part in a poker game. He loses, though blames his loss on apparent cheating by the others.[5]
10th Raccoon City Art enthusiast and chief of police Brian Irons brings in another painting to decorate the precinct. This time, it is a nude person being hung. His secretary does not agree with his taste in art.[3]
  • James Marcus, now revived thanks to his own creation – the leech queen – exacts his deadly revenge on Umbrella, and causes the first biohazardous outbreak at the Arklay manor, infecting everyone within.[6][Excerpt 1]
  • The Keeper notes of something wrong.[5]
12th Arklay Laboratory The animal keeper describes his frustrations of having to live in his Hazmat suit while the extent of the t-Virus outbreak is investigated.[5]
13th Arklay Laboratory The keeper notices that his flesh has begun to rot and fall apart.[5]
13th Rockfort Island A prisoner at the concentration camp begins a diary of his ordeal. Gathering information, he concludes that he is somewhere south of the equator.[7]
14th The Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A's disposal system is completed, though further time for testing is expected due to initial instabilities.[4]
15th Arklay Laboratory A researcher runs to the heliport to seek escape. He is shot dead by the security guards in the process.[5]
16th Arklay Laboratory Rumours begin to spread about the researcher who was killed the night before. The keeper discovers that his sores are actually decomposed flesh.[5]
16th Rockfort Island The prisoner is told by a fellow inmate; "Bob", of why he had been incarcerated. Alfred Ashford, the island's commander, had apparently taken a "tiny mistake" too seriously.[7]
19th Arklay Laboratory The keeper begins to show later stages of t-Virus infection. He now writes in a less intelligent manner and describes in small detail of eating dog food. By now his sanity is almost completely gone, the Keeper kills Scott.[5]
20th The managing director of the Dead Factory notes a possible security risk at the facility.[4]
20th Bob; the friend of the Rockfort island prisoner, is taken away by the guards to the medical room behind the guillotine stand.[7]
20th A 20-year-old woman's body is found by a Raccoon citizen on the banks of the Marble river.[8][Excerpt 2]
21st Arklay Laboratory The Keeper loses his sanity to the infection.[5]
21st Arklay Laboratory Henry Sarton writes his four-day study of Plant 42.[9]
21st Rockfort Island After sneaking out at night, the prisoner finds Bob being operated on alive - the screaming disturbs him.[7]
27th Raccoon City The Raccoon Times publishes a story regarding the nearby Arklay killings. It describes the woman who was discovered on May 20th. A police press release shows that they suspect the woman to be a mountain hiker who was attacked by unidentified animals.[8]
27th Rockfort Island Every last cabin-mate of the prisoner is taken away and experimented on. He knows that he is next.[7]
June Unknown Unknown The design for Kendo's custom S.T.A.R.S. handgun is approved and given the name Samurai Edge.[citation needed]
1st Raccoon City A Raccoon City tabloid publishes a story referring to the Raccoon Zoo involving the illegal trade of rare Orchids.[10]
3rd Arklay Laboratory Umbrella Researcher, Martin Cluckholm, trapped in his room by zombies, writes a last letter to his wife Alma.[11]
7th Raccoon City The managing director of the dead factory comments on the increasing work load for disposal.[4]
8th Arklay Laboratory John Clemens, one of the Head Researchers at the Arklay lab writes a letter to Ada Wong.[12]
8th Raccoon City Police Chief Brian Irons' secretary begins to fear for his safety.[13]
10th Raccoon City The Raccoon Today publishes a story referring to an art ring. The ring had supposedly sold items banned from auction and so the police pleaded that the buyers list down their newly bought items. Unbeknownst to them, Brian Irons had bought many of the items for his private room.[14]
15th Raccoon City Irons' secretary writes one last time in his diary, writing on his discovery of Irons' secret.[13]
16th Raccoon City Local paper Raccoon Weekly publishes a story related to the ongoing Arklay murders. It describes the sightings of vicious wild pack dogs in the forest and warns the public of their dangerousness.[8]
22nd Arklay Laboratory A resident of the dormitory writes about the survivors' doomed attempts to halt the t-Virus. He kills a friend of his, Robert by drowning in room 001 after showing signs of infection. After killing the only other survivor, he writes a suicide note to a woman named Linda, before hanging himself.[15]
28th Raccoon City The manager of the Raccoon City sewer system writes in his diary. He doesn't realize yet, that his friend Don is displaying signs of t-viral infection.[16]
July 7 Raccoon City Police Chief Brian Irons comes to his weekly meeting with Dr. William Birkin. He becomes highly stressed from the doctor's seemingly impossible requests.[16]
9th Raccoon City, Arklay Mountains Raccoon City's police force has a number of roads in the Arklay Mountains closed due to the numerousity of mysterious deaths and missing persons cases in the area. During this, the police make public their intentions to send in the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team to investigate the area, which continues to be reported as a hotbed of activity for "mysterious creature" reports.[8]
14th Unknown The owner of a diary travels to the Umbrella Executive Training Center's laboratory as part of an investigation.[17]
16th Unknown The diary owner regrets the cease of development of a Crustacean B.O.W. for him to continue the investigation, but discovers that the abandoned complex had come up with a similar design long ago.[17]
19th Unknown The writer becomes distracted by the growing reports of bizarre animal attacks and cannibalistic homicides. The writer tries to concentrate on the investigation, trying to ignore what he already knows - the t-Virus has been released into the wild. This comes as a shock to him, as news of the Arklay Mountains viral outbreak; which occurred two months previous, hadn't reached him.[17]
21st Raccoon City The Raccoon Sewer manager complains about his night job, which prohibits him from drinking alcohol.[16]
22nd Arklay Laboratory Umbrella headquarters sends in a fax to the mansion addressed to the chief of security, telling him to lure the S.T.A.R.S. members into the mansion and have them killed by the rogue bio-weapons.[18]
July 22 Billy Coen is court martialed and sentenced to death.[19]
Bet. July 19–23 The 1st Investigation Unit discovers that the facility's director, James Marcus, had been using his students as human guinea pigs.[20]
Bet. July 19–23 The unit is attacked by Leeches inside the facility. Anyone who makes it outside is devoured by the cerberus pack. The writer comes to the conclusion that the virus was deliberately scattered.[21]
July 23 The Ecliptic Express is attacked by leeches and its crew and passengers are infected. The train comes to a sudden halt not far away from the mansion.[19]
July 23 The MP HUMVEE taking Coen to the Regarthon Base for his execution is attacked by an unidentified monster. Billy escapes whilst the two guards are eaten alive.[19]
July 23 S.T.A.R.S. Bravo team's helicopter crash-lands in the Arklay Mountains. One of its group; Rebecca Chambers, discovers an abandoned train.[19] As Rebecca searches the train, the rest of Bravo team is attacked by the Cerberus pack. Kevin Dooley is torn apart whilst still strapped into his seat.[22] The injured Edward Dewey makes it to the train before losing consciousness. The remaining members of Bravo team reached the Spencer Mansion.
July 23 Rebecca and Billy join forces to stop the train, battling Mimicry Marcuses, a Scorpion and the infected Edward on the way.
July 23 The train crashes at the Umbrella Executive Training Center's station. Rebecca and Billy survive the crash and continue to investigate, being attacked by Leeches and the zombified Investigation unit.. Unbeknownst to them, they are being watched by none other than William Birkin and Albert Wesker.[citation needed]
July 23 Wesker leaves Birkin to activate the gondola, having to defeat the escaped monster first.[23]
July 24 Billy falls down a chasm as Rebecca activates a gondola and reaches the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory where she meets up with Bravo team Captain Enrico Marini. Upon defeating the escaped creature, she rescues Billy and the two defeat James Marcus; the cause of the outbreak.[citation needed]
July 24 As Wesker battles one of Sergei Vladimir's bodyguards, William detonates the Research Center. Wesker, Sergei and his guards survive inside the building.
July 24 Billy and Rebecca escape moments before the detonation upon the death of Marcus. Billy then leaves Rebecca and Heads off into the woods, whilst Rebecca heads to a nearby mansion.[24]
July 24 Rebecca is suddenly awoken from her sleep late at night as Richard Aiken finds her. The two head around the Dormitory, Courtyard and mansion in search of Enrico. They do not find him.[25]
July 24 Rebecca and Richard view Sergei Vladimir and his bodyguard taking a body outside into the forest.[25]
July 24 The two are attacked by a giant snake and Richard is poisoned.[25]
July 24 S.T.A.R.S. Alpha team find Bravo team's crashed helicopter and head down to check it out. Joseph Frost is killed by the Cerberus' and the survivors head to the mansion for safety as Brad Vickers abandons them in the helicopter.[22]
July 24 Upon Alpha team's entry into the mansion, they hear gunfire from a handgun. Exploring the west-wing, they discover Bravo team member Kenneth J. Sullivan being attacked by a zombie.[26]
July 24 After a fight with the snake and a coffin-confined monster, the survivors head up to the nearby Dormitory.[citation needed]
July 25 After defeating a huge man-eating plant and a family of sharks, they find captain Albert Wesker again.[citation needed]
July 25 The mansion is checked again, which leads to a confrontation with the giant snake in the Library this time - it is killed.[citation needed]
July 25 The underground caves are then checked, where Enrico is found alive. He claims there is a traitor amongst S.T.A.R.S. but before he is able to say who it is, he is assassinated.[27]
July 25 Upon leaving the caves, the Laboratory is explored. This leads to a confrontation with Wesker, revealing himself to be the traitor. He releases the experimental Tyrant, programmed to kill S.T.A.R.S.. However, the Tyrant chooses to attack Wesker first, impaling him on its claws.[28] The S.T.A.R.S. fight the Tyrant, and thinking he is dead, they start their escape.
July 25 After the Tyrant is revived after the fight, it leaves the laboratory to follow the survivors. Wesker however, survived with the help of a virus given to him by Birkin. Wesker knew he would be defeated at some point and so used the virus as a means to revive him after a period of time.[28][29]
July 25 Wesker uses his enhanced skills to defeat Lisa Trevor in the laboratory. He then attempts to leave the mansion via the front door but a revived Lisa prevents him from doing so. He is forced to find an alternate exit, all the while avoiding Lisa as she continues to hunt him. However, upon reaching the door again, she catches up with Wesker. He has no choice but to shoot a chandelier, crushing her.
July 25 The S.T.A.R.S. reach the helipad and make contact with Brad, when he approaches for landing the Tyrant appears again and they have a last confrontation with him, during which Brad tosses a Rocket Launcher out of the helicopter, which allows Chris Redfield to destroy the monster. The remaining S.T.A.R.S. (Chris, Jill, Barry, Rebecca and Brad) finally escape to Raccoon City. Wesker escapes the mansion at the same time. With his new abilities, he is nearly a mile away from the mansion when it explodes.[29]
July 29 Raccoon City The managing director of the Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A discovers that the anti-bodies used by the staff to protect themselves from t-viral infection are now useless against a new mutation in the virus - the staff are now infected, and the director keeps a handgun with him at all times, ready to commit suicide.[4]
August 1 Raccoon City The Daily Scoop; a Raccoon City newspaper, discusses reports of a new Mayoral candidate in the running with the story "Clemens to Run For Office".[30]
August 5 Sheena Island A worker at the Tyrant mass production facility on the Umbrella-controlled Sheena Island describes his dislike of having to work there.[31]
August 5 Nikolai Zinoviev files his report on the Mansion Incident.[32]
August 7 Raccoon City S.T.A.R.S. member Jill Valentine writes in her diary of her emotional condition. She has nightmares involving zombies.[33]
August 8 Raccoon City Chris Redfield; a survivor of the Mansion Incident, talks with police chief Brian Irons about the incident. As all evidence of Umbrella's wrongdoings was destroyed along with the Arklay Laboratory and mansion facade after his escape in July, they cannot be charged with any crime. Chris realizes that because of Umbrella's influence in the city, few are willing to mention the incident.[34]
August 11 Raccoon City A nightwatchman at the Raccoon Police Department is berated by chief Irons for being in the station's clock tower. He wonders why access is prohibited.[35]
August 13 Raccoon City Jill Valentine muses over Chris Redfield's unusual attitude and behavior when he starts causing trouble at work. He assaults another officer for the trivial mishap of accidentally spilling coffee on him. Chris is subsequently suspended.[33]
August 15 Raccoon City Chris; who is still on suspension from the police, invites Jill to his apartment late at night. He shows her pieces of information that mention something called the "G-Virus". Chris vows to take Umbrella down himself if nobody is willing to help. Jill begins to worry, upset that Chris has been fighting alone, and refused to tell even her about his plans.[33]
August 16 Raccoon City Police Chief Brian Irons comes to the sewer facility for his meeting with Dr. William Birkin. He puts a gun to the sewer manager's head in heavy stress.[16]
August 17 Raccoon City Sightings of "monsters" around Raccoon City are reported to the police. Chris knows that Umbrella is responsible. They are likely associated with the Mansion Incident.[34]
August 20 Europe Umbrella's personnel division concludes, after an investigation, that Morpheus D. Duvall was responsible for the viral outbreak in the Arklay Mountains, Marcus' involvement either being covered-up or simply unknown. Based on the evidence given Morpheus is summarily fired, with a fax being sent to him to inform him of his status.[36]
August 21 Raccoon City William Birkin informs the sewer manager of the Raccoon City Police Department's investigation into Umbrella.[16]
August 23 Raccoon City Following a safe being moved in the Raccoon City Police Department, a note is issued around the precinct.[37]
August 24 Raccoon City In his final journal entry, Chris writes that he and Barry have discovered the "G-Virus" while investigating Umbrella. Satisfied that they have evidence to convict them, they make plans to head to the Umbrella headquarters. Asking his sister Claire for forgiveness, he leaves the diary in his S.T.A.R.S. desk for Claire to find if she comes looking for him.[34]
August 24 Raccoon City Jill learns of Chris' plan to go to Umbrella's European headquarters with Barry Burton, and arranges to meet them in September.[33]
August 30 Raccoon City Peter, a scientist who works at the Raccoon University, explains a radical breakthrough regarding the only vaccine to the t-Virus – Daylight.[38]
September 1 An unnamed UBCS mercenary finishes 6 months of intensive training after being saved from execution.[39]
September 2 Raccoon City A researcher from the Umbrella R&D Center discusses problems with creatures inside.[40]
September 5 Sheena Island A teenage boy abducted by Umbrella employees for the Tyrant Plant begins writing down his experiences. He knows very well that this is an Umbrella base and that they are being used as guinea pigs for an experiment.[41]
September 5 Raccoon City The night watchman meets Thomas, a worker of a scrap yard near to the police station. The watchman notes Thomas' strange habit of constantly scratching himself and wonders if he has a medical condition.[35]
September 6 Sheena Island Andy, a caretaker, writes in his diary about the island facility's commander, Vincent Goldman[42]
September 6 Raccoon City The Raccoon City-based newspaper "Raccoon Today" publishes an article of a mysterious masked figure sighted in the North-West Arklay Mountains, along with the discovery of the remains of numerous crows and wild dogs which had been swept down-river.[43]
September 8 Raccoon City The researcher at the Umbrella R&D Center notes.[40]
September 9 Raccoon City The watchman plays a game of chess with Thomas. He notes Thomas' strange habit - the constant smelling of meat. He notices something odd about him.[35]
September 10 Sheena Island The prisoners are allowed to visit the local arcade. There, they are seen by Lott Klein, a local boy.[44]
September 10 Sheena Island One of the imprisoned boys notices that drugs are being put into their meals to make them lose consciousness. He also notices that the other prisoners have been acting strangely from the drugs.[41]
September 10 Raccoon City The Director of the Raccoon General Hospital describes the conditions of the Hospital, where the wards are beginning to fill with people infected by the t-Virus from the ongoing effects of the Mansion Incident.[45]
September 11 Raccoon City The Raccoon City newspaper "Raccoon Today" publishes a story of UMAs being sighted in the Arklay Mountains.[46]
September 12 Raccoon City Ricky, an employee of the Raccoon underground, writes in his diary describing his Nyctophobia, which plagues him in the always-dark subway.[47]
September 12 Raccoon City The night watchman sees the near-succumbed Thomas, and tells him to get some rest. Not knowing it, the watchman is now infected with the t-Virus.[35]
September 15 The unnamed UBCS mercenary writes in his diary.[39]
September 15 Raccoon City Peter at the Raccoon University continues his experimentation into Daylight.[38]
September 16 Raccoon City The researcher at the Umbrella R&D Center makes a final entry referring to the baby hunters.[40]
September 17 Raccoon City The janitor of the Apple Inn in Raccoon City writes in a diary about having to test the fire alarm weekly upon the new owner's orders, rather than twice yearly like the previous.[48]
September 17 Raccoon City A scrap of a diary, dated today lies in Raccoon University which describes the lacking of V-poison for the Daylight reagent.[49]
September 18 Raccoon City Conditions with the Raccoon Hospital continue to deteriorate as more people check in, displaying t-Virus symptoms.[45]
September 18 Raccoon City Ricky, in the Raccoon Subway talks of his encounter with a Mega Bite.[47]
September 19 Raccoon City Peter at the Raccoon University writes his final diary entry.[38]
September 20 *Andy, the sewer caretaker of Sheena Island overhears a rumor about what really happens to the teenagers in the prison.[42]
  • Neil Carlson receives a call of a mysterious man prowling the sewers and hurries to the location, the results of his investigation he writes in this report.[50]
  • The imprisoned boy overhears a conversation between guards over what happens to the prisoners once they are taken away: their brains are cut open to extract "material".[41]
September 21
  • The imprisoned boy describes another one of his friends being taken away. He knows he will be next and so decides that he must escape.[41]
  • In the Apple Inn, the janitor has a conversation with Todd the security guard, who discusses the hotel's latest security locks.[48]
September 22
  • Upon retrieving a lost key card in the Apple Inn, Raccoon City, the janitor writes in his diary.[48]
  • HUNKs team find William Birkin. Due to a sudden noise, Birkin is accidentally shot down with an MP5, and his attaché case full of "t" and G-Virus samples is taken.
  • Unknown to his squad, Birkin has a sample on him, and injects it directly into his chest. The virus takes instant effect; he becomes his own creation and decimates Hunk’s team in the sewers back in the city. In the process, Birkin eats the remaining samples of G-Virus, and shatters the t-Virus capsules. The biohazardous toxin flows into the city water system, and mutates the rats of the sewer, who then spread the virus into the city.
September 23 *Upon hearing of Birkin's assassination and mutation, widespread panic occurs in his Laboratory. Several Hunter R escape and run amok through the labs, killing several scientists before a researcher lowers the temperature, freezing them on the spot.
  • The Chief of the Raccoon City Police Department, Brian Irons, writes his first diary entry regarding the Outbreak.[51]
  • The janitor of the Apple Inn makes a final diary entry, referring to the increase in noise from the boiler room, which is soon to explode.[48]
  • A guest of the Apple Inn writes in his diary explaining recent bereavement. The hotel room he is staying in has a glowing map of Europe, which flickers on and off from the people in other rooms flipping the maps switches.[52]
September 24 *At a home American football game, of which the Raccoon Sharks are playing against the Old Court Thunders, a single zombie causes a riot to break out within the crowd and causes panic. Fifty Police officers are called to the scene.[53]
  • Meanwhile the Raccoon Police Department decide to evacuate as much of the city as they possibly can, in the panic many police officers are killed, and they muster a plan to destroy a large wave of zombies that are on the Raccoon Main Street.
  • The eight survivors of J's Bar separate during their escape, and some find themselves within the Apple Inn which is currently on fire due to a boiler explosion and a nearby tanker explosion. The other survivors will end up near a zoo.
  • Inside the towering inferno that is the Apple Inn, the survivors battle against swarms of zombies and find themselves attacked by the 'Suspended', a creature that kills its victims via its tongue. They defeat the Licker and escape into the streets outside, where they rendezvous with the other J’s Bar survivors. Outside, they are gathered together by the Raccoon City Police Department who drive as many of the survivors to safety as possible.
  • Three Raccoon City Police Department officers, Elliott, Eric and Harry rig Main Street to explode, as Eric finishes the wiring, the zombies storm the barricade and Elliott and Eric are killed. The J's Bar survivors arrive and with their help, detonate the bombs in Raccoon Main.
  • Some of the survivors go to the Raccoon Zoo, in hopes of reaching the escape helicopter. However, they are forced to go through the area, infested with the attractions, including a very hungry Elephant, a Lion, and two Lionesses.
  • The three eventually reached a train station, where they travelled away. The train stops at one point, as a rescue helicopter crashes nearby, killing forty refugees.
  • Marvin Branagh makes a report regarding a number of thefts. However, due to no available officers being present, the case goes un-investigated.[54]
September 25 Raccoon City The US Army barricades the roads heading in to Raccoon City and isolates it from any contact from the outside world, other than military action within the city.[53]
September 26 *The hospital staff are wiped out by the zombie outbreak. The hospital's director begins showing signs of infection as well.[45]
  • Three survivors arrive in the Hospital in search of medical supplies. They are aided by Dr. Hersh, who is killed by a "Leech Man", as a Leech colony grows in the sewers.[55] The survivors escape via the sewers, after reading a note by an Umbrella employee describing a facility linking to the hospital through there.[56]
  • A restaurant owner (likely the owner of "Grill 13") enters the Raccoon City Police Department Parking lot-turned Refugee camp. 10 minutes later, he is killed by arms fire after showing signs of infection.[54]
  • Chief Iron's stalks several of the Raccoon City Police Department officers, shooting them dead.[51]
  • Numerous armed Police officers prepare a last effort to stop the infection, by barricading a busy street to stop them as they evacuate civilians.[57]
  • The officers and the majority of UBCS personnel are killed within minutes.[57]
  • Marvin Branagh makes a final report involving one of the missing jewels being discovered in the autopsy of the Restaurant owner.[54]
  • A UBCS member with a pocket book notes his experiences.[58]
  • David Ford of the Raccoon City Police Department writes his first operation report, describing the hopelessness of the Police's situation due to the decisions made by chief Irons earlier.[59]
September 27 *An Umbrella researcher, Monica shoots dead another Umbrella employee and steals a G-Virus specimen and tries to escape using the underground train.[60]
  • The J's Bar survivors enter an underground train tunnel from the sewers, there they emerge into a dead end. At that time Monica activates the train doors and the survivors enter the Umbrella labs.
  • Monica decides to use the Marshaling yard train as an alternative, and steals Yoko Suzuki's ID card.
  • Monica is attacked by the Giant Moth and is impregnated by the undeveloped embryo released from her smashed capsule.
  • The survivors activate the temperature controls to unfreeze the marshaling yard elevator. This unfreezes the Hunter Rs also. The survivors make their way up the elevator, where they are forced to fight the adult "G" that erupted from Monica's chest. They escape on the train.
  • Twelve people are injured as zombies overrun the West barricade of the Police department.[59]
  • The "Licker" is first encountered and named by surviving Police officers[59]

A UBCS member makes it the Saint Michael Clock Tower and notes his experiences.[58]

September 28 *Zombies overrun the Operations room, leading to the deaths of a further four men. Four surviving officers, believing themselves the be the very last, agree that the only way out is through the sewers.[61]
  • Survivors arrive at the Raccoon Police Department. There, they find Marvin Branagh attempting to lead a few of the surviving police officers to safety. Fellow officer Rita is sent through the underground beneath the station in an attempt to get reinforcements. However Marvin needs the help of the Outbreak survivors to escape.[62]
  • Once Rita is free of the station she runs and gets help from Harry, Marvin arranges everyone to meet outside the precinct, and while they wait zombies breach the barricades and attack. Marvin is critically wounded by zombies, and as the rescue van arrives, Rita and the Outbreak survivors get on board, leaving Marvin behind at his own request. He battles the remaining zombies and enters the offices, where he eventually passes out.[62]
  • The unnamed UBCS mercenary writes on final diary entry before shooting himself through the head.[39]
  • The UBCS member with the pocket diary is found dead in the clock tower, defending a girl – also now dead, and his final entry.[58]
  • Jill Valentine attempts to escape Raccoon City.[63]
  • Brad Vickers is killed by Umbrella's B.O.W. – Nemesis.[64]
    • Brad's corpse, mysteriously, disappears when Jill leaves the police station.
  • Jill meets up with UBCS survivors Carlos Oliveria, Mikhail Victor and Nikolai Zinoviev.
  • Mikhail sacrifices himself with a hand grenade, attempting to kill Nemesis, in order to save Jill from Nemesis.
  • In a battle outside the clock tower with Nemesis, Jill is infected with the t-Virus and passes out.
September 29 *The day scheduled for the Michael Festival in Raccoon City.[65]
  • Leon S. Kennedy arrives in Raccoon City for his first day as a Raccoon City police officer. At the same time, Claire Redfield arrives in Raccoon in her search for her brother Chris, who she had lost contact with.
  • Leon inspects a "corpse," only to be attacked by it. As the increasing amounts of the undead close in, Leon runs to an alleyway where he meets Claire and shoots at a zombie that was about to attack her. The two commandeer a Police Cruiser and drive off to the police department. When they are close by, a zombie attacks Leon from the back seat. The car crashes into a lamp post and the zombie is launched out through the window. A truck who's driver is becoming a zombie, heads to the car on a collision course. The two jump out of the car as the truck is destroyed. Unable to get to the other side, the two split apart to make their own way to the Raccoon City Police Department.
  • Claire meets Gun Shop owner; Robert Kendo shortly before he is killed by attacking Zombies. At the same time, Leon reaches the Raccoon City Police Departments backyard and proceeds up the stairs to the Heliport, witnessing a Helicopter crash into the building.
  • Claire kills Brad Vickers' zombified corpse roaming around the outside of the police station.
  • Claire meets the injured Marvin Branagh, Leon's boss, who tells Claire the cause of the Raccoon City outbreak and requests that she rescue any survivors and leave the city, and that Claire should not worry about him.
  • Claire and Leon meet each other again, only to discover that Chris left town earlier that month. With no where else to go, the two are determined to escape the city alive.
  • While Claire and Leon are searching for survivors, a T-103 codenamed "T-00" is launched from a Helicopter above and proceeds to hunt Leon.
  • Claire kills Marvin Branagh after showing symptoms of a zombie.
  • Claire finds a survivor; Sherry Birkin, along with police chief Brian Irons. The two escape the police department through a secret room in Irons' office, with Claire witnessing Irons' death.
  • Meanwhile, Leon meets survivor Ada Wong, who is looking for another survivor; Ben Bertolucci along with the whereabouts of her missing boyfriend John. Ben is attacked by a monster and later bleeds to death. Leon and Ada escape through a manhole in the K9 den.
  • Sherry drops her Pendant, which Ada finds later.
  • Claire encounters the full grown G embryo that erupted from Irons's body and kills it while Leon encounters the mutated William Birkin and knocks him over the ledge in the septic pool.
  • Claire meets Annette Birkin, who describes to her, her husbands transformation following an assassination attempt, into a hideous creature. Annette later attempts to kill Ada Wong as she knows about Ada's intentions against Umbrella, but is unsuccessful when Leon leaped in front of Ada and took a bullet in the chest. Ada pursues Annette and realizes that her boyfriend John had become a zombie and that Sherry's pendant contained a G-Virus sample. Ada knocks Annette over into the sewers.
  • Claire, and later Leon, are attacked by an Alligator which had mutated to enormous proportions.
  • Leon is tended by Ada for his bullet wound and Ada mentions about her boyfriend's death. The two plan to leave the sewers, along with Claire and Sherry.
September 30
  • Claire and Sherry make it to the other side and activate the large elevator near the factory.
  • Leon and Ada use the gondola to travel to the factory, the monster attacks them but heads off.
  • The monster attacks Claire and Sherry as they descend the elevator, it mutates before being defeated.
  • As Leon and Ada descend, the monster also attacks them before too being defeated, the two go to B1F. Ada is gravely injured and the two separate when the elevator starts up again.
  • Sherry becomes ill and Claire takes her to a bed in the Security room next to the B4F turntable room.
  • Annette Birkin first blames Leon for the death of William not realizing he is still alive, but runs away when the T-103 tries to pursue Leon.
  • Annette Birkin then blames Claire for killing William. However, she finds William alive, but completely mutated and is fatally slashed by his claw. She tells Claire to make an antidote to the "G-Virus", which has entered Sherry's bloodstream making her ill and passes away.
  • The auto-destruct system is activated and the survivors prepare to evacuate through an underground train. Ada is smashed against the wall whilst saving Leon from a Tyrant. Ada and Leon kiss due to Leon falling in love with his "fellow survivor". Ultimately, Leon had to abandon Ada Wong believing her to be dead.
  • Claire is attacked by William whilst waiting for an elevator, he mutates into a hideous hexapodal form before Claire kills him.
  • Leon is attacked by T-00, who had mutated into its "R" form, as he starts up power to the Train. Ada regains consciousness and throws Leon a rocket launcher, which he destroys the Tyrant with it. Nevertheless, Leon is far too occupied fending off the Tyrant to realize the rocket launcher was thrown to him by Ada, whom he presumed dead.
  • Leon, Claire and Sherry escape the facility on the train. They encounter the mutated Birkin who is now essentially a Giant blob and escape the train as the train detonates and kills William once and for all.
  • Claire parts ways with Leon and Sherry to search for her brother Chris. Leon and Sherry are later rescued by US government agents.
  • Hunk, after being unconscious for over a week, finally regains conscious and attempts to escape Raccoon City having procured a G-Virus sample. He escapes the station infested with monsters and signals a helicopter to carry him out of the city along with the G-Virus thus fully completing his mission.[66]
October 1
  • Jill Valentine awakens after losing consciousness after a fight with Nemesis-T Type two days earlier. Carlos Oliveira recovers an experimental t-Virus vaccine from the Raccoon General Hospital before it is detonated and cures Jill, discovering that not only is Nikolai Zinoviev still alive, but that he is also a traitor to his fellow mercenaries. Jill is cured and the two escape to the "Dead Factory" by going through the Raccoon City Park.
  • Jill defeats the Giant mutated worm in the cemetery that she had run into a few days ago.
  • Nikolai beats Carlos to the escape helicopter, leaving Jill and Carlos to find another way out of the city, having just discovered that a missile has been fired at the city. Jill kills the Nemesis-T Type and escapes on a helicopter with Carlos, piloted by Barry Burton, who was looking for her.[67]
  • A national broadcast is made regarding the destruction of Raccoon City due to the Sterilization Operation.

  • Meanwhile, Dr. George Hamilton and a pair of other civilians head to the Raccoon University, seeking information on the t-Virus. They discover the documents needed to make an antidote, which they use to cure themselves.
  • Former Umbrella employee and University laboratory researcher Greg Mueller releases the Thanatos Tyrant to halt any attempts by Umbrella's special forces to assassinate him. George finds Peter Jenkins who he knew at the University dead and finds the ingredients needed to make Daylight. The UBCS team would be swiftly cut down by the B.O.W.. Greg would be killed shortly later however, as Nikolai completed another Monitor mission. The Tyrant would be killed from contact with the antidote, ironically made with its own blood. The civilians would escape after receiving help from the Raccoon Fire Department. George contains a sample of Daylight in hopes of ridding the t-Virus and fulfilling Peter's legacy.[68]

  • Elsewhere, plumber David King and two other survivors enter an Umbrella facility looking for pharmaceutical supplies. He finds a lot more than he was expecting: A Tyrant programmed to defeat other B.O.W.s, and of course: Umbrella's official t-Virus vaccine. The Tyrant would regain self-control and rebel, killing researcher Carter and wounding Linda, along with destroying the only sample. After escaping to the streets via the sewers, they would be attacked by Umbrella mercenary Arnold, ordered to kill the traitorous Security Service agent Rodriguez and retrieve a "package". David and the two other survivors manage to make it to the helicopter before it takes off without them.
  • Unfortunately the last two survivors from J's Bar (the ones who didn't follow David's group and George's group) would miss this opportunity and are they abandonded and would make their way to the highway overpass. The contents of the crate would be revealed after Umbrella businessman Tommy Nielsen caused Rodriguez' helicopter to drop it by attempting to knock the helicopter out of the sky with a rocket launcher. The creature, "Nyx" would prove to be the contents, killing the entire UBCS team sent to retrieve it and absorbing them into its body. The Tyrant too, would be absorbed, shortly before the creature put its eyes on the survivors. After a lengthy battle, the creature sustains enough damage to melt it, and the remaining survivors abandon Raccoon in a military vehicle used by the UBCS[69]

  • Ada Wong escapes the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory by the sewers leading back into the city. Ordered by Wesker to survive and deliver her G-Virus sample at all costs, she retrieves a hook-shot from the corpse of her "contact" and uses it to escape the zombies. Reaching the highway, she is forced to defeat the Tyrant, which managed to survive its previous encounter with Nyx and the survivors who battled with it earlier. Spotting a helicopter ahead, she uses her new toy to hitch a ride on the container carrying the Umbrella core, escaping the city with her mission successful.[70]

  • By the order of the US government to halt the spread of infection, thermobaric missiles were launched into Raccoon City. The city was completely destroyed, leaving no trace of the t-Virus. Later in a news report, the estimated death toll was over 100,000 lives.
  • Shortly after Raccoon City's destruction, the National Journal newspaper publishes a headline about the destruction of Raccoon City to the public.[71]
October 4

The owner of a restaurant for Umbrella employees on Sheena Island overhears the news of Raccoon City's destruction. He also hears a rumor that Umbrella was responsible for it, but was not willing to believe it as the island was used by Umbrella for research, and was not willing to believe that a biohazardous accident may occur.[72]

October 6

The restaurant owner overhears umbrella employees discuss William Birkin, who has been blamed for the Raccoon City outbreak.[72]

October 7

Sheena Island officials hold a meeting with commander Vincent Goldman over the Raccoon City incident. Blame is put on William Birkin and that any traitors on the island should be executed on sight.[73]

October 8

The restaurant owner learns that the t-Virus is present on Sheena Island, though the worker telling him this claims that an outbreak would be impossible. The owner doesn't believe him and makes plans to leave the island.[72]

October 9 Sheena Island The imprisoned boy writes in his diary one last time before executing his fatal plan detailing their escape method.[41]
October 10 *The prisoners put their plan into action in the early hours. They are discovered however, and all are executed personally by Goldman.[41]
  • Commander Goldman of Sheena Island has the police chief send a false report to Umbrella, labelling the mass breakout as a mass-suicide in order to keep Umbrella's trust in him.[74]
  • Andy, the caretaker of Sheena Island's sewers, gets word of the incident at the prison the following night.[42]
October 15

Rumors of Vincent's massacre spread around Sheena Island, Lott writes of his disgust and puts his ideology into question.[44]

October 20

A reply from Umbrella is sent to the Sheena Island police chief. The company does not treat the human deaths as those of people, but mere "guinea pigs" who can be replaced shortly.[75]

October 30

A worker at the Antarctic Base complains about his job assignment, having expected to work with pharmaceutical products when joining Umbrella, as opposed to shipping crates in the south pole.[76]

November 3

Vacation time for workers at the Antarctic Base is cancelled due to a lack of suitable manpower brought on by the insane orders of Alfred Ashford.[76]

November 5

A worker recently transferred to the Antarctic Base is told of "Nosferatu" by older workers. He doesn't believe them.[76]

November 8

Commander Vincent discovers that the people of Sheena island are listing his numerous crimes. The only person he can trust is Lott Klein, who informs him of a spy on the island.[74]

November 9

Andy Holland meets who he believes is commander Vincent, unaware that it is the spy. Lott informs this to Vincent.[42][Note 1]

November 10

The transport terminal worker is awoken late at night by a disturbing growling noise. He blames it on the stress of the job, still not believing in "Nosferatu".[76]

November 19

Commander Vincent is told that a number of people have been collecting evidence of his many human rights violations among over crimes and plan on sending it to Umbrella HQ during their next visit.[74]

November 22

Commander Vincent suddenly looses his sanity and releases the t-Virus into the city with the intention of killing everyone and making it look like an accident. With no one else aware of his human-rights violations that would disgust even Umbrella HQ, Vincent prepares to head back to Europe. Though, there is one more thing to do - kill the spy that is impersonating him.[74][77]

November 23 As the t-Virus ravages the city, Umbrella security personnel begin firing at any and all civilians, distressing Lott Klein, who is not a zombie.[44]
November 24 Lott is told by another survivor that Goldman is responsible for the leak. Broken by this, Lott no longer trusts anyone but his younger sister Lilly, who he swears to protect - his parents having already turned into zombies.[44]
November 25 Commander Vincent attempts to kill the spy; Ark Thompson, but falls from his hijacked helicopter and falls unconscious. Ark is also rendered unconscious from being thrown out of the vehicle as it fell to the ground - he is rendered amnesiac.[78]
November 26 *While Ark is recovering from Amnesia, he runs into Lott Klein who runs away from Ark as he trusts no one. After discovering an underground lab beneath an abandoned mansion, he catches up to Lott and saves him from a hunter. Lott reveals to Ark he is not Vincent and tells Ark about the events leading up to the helicopter crash earlier.
  • Ark Thompson finally regains his memories. Vincent Goldman manages to catch up with Ark and finally attempts to murder him, however the newly designed Hypnos-T Type kills Vincent Goldman and then Hypnos-T Type is destroyed by Ark. Then Ark escapes with Lott and his sister Lily on a Helicopter.[78]
  • Sheena Island is then destroyed by the Umbrella Facility's self-destruct system. Ark uses the helicopter's missiles to defeat the Hypnos-T Type that somehow got onto the chopper and destroys it once and for all. Ark, Lott, and Lily fly away in the chopper having survived the Sheena Island outbreak.
December 17[79] Claire Redfield, looking for her brother, manages to infiltrate the Paris Umbrella laboratory. She has to fight against a small army of men and is caught by a man named Rodrigo Juan Raval, who takes her to Rockfort Island.
December 27 Claire is taken as prisoner on Rockfort Island. Rockfort Island is then attacked by an unknown source and the island is contaminated with the t-Virus. Due to the outbreak, Rodrigo Juan Raval decides to let Claire escape the island since he doesn't expect her to survive.
  • Claire meets Steve Burnside, and tries to find a way to escape the island with him.
  • Claire also meets Alfred Ashford, who has become nothing more than a madman, who pursues Claire and Steve throughout Rockfort Island.
  • Steve kills his zombified dad who attacked Claire. Steve mentions the reason his father and him were prisoners on the island.
  • Claire and Steve discover a hidden residence behind the Rockfort Palace.
  • Albert Wesker is officially confirmed as alive, and reveals to Claire that he was responsible for the attacks on Rockfort Island.
  • Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside meet who appears to be Alexia Ashford, but eventually find out it was Alfred impersonating his sister. Alfred activates the island's self-destruct system and Claire and Steve use a seaplane to escape the island. Claire fends off a T-103 Tyrant that Alfred used to stop Claire and kills it by knocking it out of the plane with an explosive crate.
  • Alfred Ashford re-routes Claire and Steve's plane to the Antarctic Base. They eventually meet Alfred in the base, and severely injure him, leading to his death. Claire and Steve hear a loud noise coming from an underground chamber. The noise comes from Nosferatu.
  • Claire fights and defeats Nosferatu, who was actually Alexander Ashford, that had been experimented on by Alexia and Alfred.
  • Alexia Ashford awakens after being in a cryostatic state for 15 years. Claire and Steve use a snowmobile to escape, but Alexia uses tentacles to trap them in the Antarctic base.
December 28 *It is early morning when Chris Redfield arrives at Rockfort, and meets Rodrigo Juan Raval, who tells Chris that Claire left the island not too long ago. The giant mutated worm swallows Rodrigo, but Chris follows it and kills it. He saves Rodrigo, but Rodrigo is fatally wounded and passes away.
  • Chris runs into Wesker who he presumed dead and the two fight with Wesker showing his superhuman abilities.
  • Chris and Wesker head to Antarctica.
  • The remaining members of the Ashford family die, with the sole exception of Alexia, who has transformed via the t-Veronica virus.
  • Chris destroys Alexia after she apparently kills Steve, and then battles Wesker. Wesker eventually escapes taking Steve with him.
  • It is unknown whether Steve is alive or not.
  • Chris and Claire escape shortly before the facility explodes.



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