The 1F Elevator Room is an area of the Spencer Mansion that is featured in Resident Evil.


It is a U-shaped passage with an elevator at the center. There are stairs leading down to the basement kitchen.

In the 2002 Remake, the room has been integrated with the Tea room and is no longer separate.


No enemies will be faced here in the original Resident Evil.

In Remake, the zombie from the tea room will be faced since the room is no longer separated. Additionally, a zombie from the F-shaped corridor may burst through the connecting door if the player has not killed them, and a Hunter will break down the same door later in the game.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Elevator gate The elevator doesn't seem to stop on this floor.
The door toward the Tea Room. You unlocked it.
Resident Evil
Checking the elevator There's an elevator here. It doesn't look like you can access it from this floor.





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