The 1F West corridor (1F西側廊下 1F Nishigawa rōka?)[1] is one of the areas in the Raccoon City Police Station featured in Resident Evil 2. During the raccoon city outbreak the southwest corridor linked to the northwest corridor and was where according to eyewitnesses the creature known as the licker was discovered. Due to the fact that the security shutters were malfunctioning, the windows were the first point of entry for dozens of zombies which later managed to break through the northwest corridor barricade killing multiple officers seeking shelter in the operations room and sending those who survived further into the building.


Broken glass can be seen on the corridor toward the right, where a beheaded RPD cop lying on the ground.


During Leon A and Claire A, walking up to the pool of blood will trigger a scene where the character encounters a Licker. One will then be in the room.

Later, if the security shutter here had not been shut, a group of zombies will came through the windows.

In all scenarios, checking the corpse twice will reveal a pack of 15 H. Gun Bullets. There is also a Green Herb in the upper corner of the room.

The lower east door goes back to the Reception desk. The middle door goes to the Reference room and requires the Spade Key to open. The north door leads to the Conference room corridor.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
The sign on the right hand side Nothing usual here.
Memos on the wall Memos has been started.
Scattered files up front There appear to be discarded files inside.
Switch for the shutter An open/close switch for the shutter. It can't be activated since the cord is cut.
Beheaded Cop The head is missing. It seem to have been twisted off.
Door to the storage room It's locked. A spade is etched under the key hole.
Boxes up front Nothing special.




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