The 1F lobby (1Fロビー 1F robī?)[1] is an area of the Raccoon City police station, situated on the eastern side of the building.


The room appears in more disrepair in Resident Evil 2 than it does in the desperate times scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. A bloodstain is present on the floor near the vending machines in the former game (pictured below), though was apparently caused by something occurring after desperate times.


Resident Evil 2

There is a Green Herb in the corner of the hall. During Leon A and Claire A, six zombies will be gathered in the corner. During Leon B and Claire B there will be six zombies in the lower part of the hall.

The lowest door leads to Hall F1, next to that is the door to East office, and at the upper end of the hall the door leads to the East corridor.


Resident Evil 2
Location Localization Original Script
Payphones on the left hand side Nothing to care about.
Small windows There seems to be an office over there.
Drink machine Nothing is wrong.
Shift board on the wall

"Sept.28th Night shift

George Scott"

Boxes at the far end Nothing inside looks useful.




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