1st class cabins cutscene B (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil Gaiden.


Barry: "This hole appears to go down a long way."
"I can just make out a figure. I think it's Leon."
Barry decends the rope to reach Leon
Barry: "Leon c'mon! Wake up!"
Leon regains consciousness.
Leon: "Uhhhn... My head... Barry? What are you doing here?"
Barry: "When you failed to report in, somebody pushed the panic button."
"So they called me in to pull your fat out of the fire."
Leon: "Right... Sorry for dragging you... Wait a minute! There was a girl..."
Barry: "Yeah, I know. Lucia, right? She's been captured by that... that thing."
"Y'know, there's something about that girl that bothers me..."
Leon: "Like what?"
Barry: "Well, she's got this weird power."
"Maybe she's the B.O.W. that we're looking for..."
Leon: "Yeah sure... And that thing that took her doesn't fit the bill?"
Barry: "Well yeah, but..."
Leon: "Listen. Right now, I'm convinced that amboeba thing's a pretty good candidate for what we're looking for, and until I'm convinced otherwise, I'd like to see what I can do to save what may be the only survivor in this hellhole!"
Barry: "You're right. There's a security room back the way I came."
"We might be able to use the observation monitor to find her..."