Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The 2004 Abduction of the President's Daughter[1][note 1] was a plot against the US government coordinated by cult leader Osmund Saddler with the aid of Spanish militants and retired USSOCOM soldier Jack Krauser. As the main component of the plot, Ashley Graham, daughter of President-Elect Graham, was abducted from her university and smuggled to Spain with the intention of returning her with a Plaga parasite in which to turn her father into a mind-controlled host. USSTRATCOM agent Leon S. Kennedy was sent to Spain to investigate her disappearance and destroyed the cult's military with the help of Chinese agent Ada Wong, who was investigating the cult as part of a mission to steal a Plaga sample for an unnamed organization affiliated with Dr. Albert Wesker. The subsequent acquisition of the parasites during this incident resulted in the use of Plaga parasites in the 2008-9 Kijuju Autonomous Zone Incident an the East Slavic Civil War.


Los Iluminados had historical ties to rural Spain, clinging on to the old pagan ideals of a pre-Christian Europe. The First Castellan of the region was instrumental in Christianizing the region by suppressing the cult's practices and sealing their sacred Plaga parasites, of which they worshiped greatly, an expansive underground labyrinth above which a monstrous castle was built. The story of the righteous and just lord's battle against paganism for the protection of the villagers was told from grandparent to grandchild for generations. Although defeated, the cult continued to survive in some way for the next few centuries.

Some time prior to Autumn 2004, the cult's leader, Osmund Saddler, successfully converted village chief Bitores Mendez and Ramon Salazar, 8th Castellan. Salazar, anxious to atone his family for their crimes against the cult, worked with Mendez in opening the mines and providing a village work force to search for the Plagas, referring to it as an important "excavation" to hide their newfound loyalties. The work force found only the parasites' long-dead remains, initially ending the cult's chances of a reformation. However, it was soon found that the parasites could survive in the form of spores, soon reforming themselves inside the miners over an unknown period of time. With the Plaga's survival confirmed, Mendez was given the task of arranging for a special church sermon on the Sunday following the harvest festival. At the sermon the villagers were indoctrinated into Los Iluminados; the convulsions of the miners were used as proof of divine punishment on those who reject the cult's teachings.

At some point later, Saddler had the villagers injected with Plaga eggs, telling them that it was sacred blood intended to "cleanse" their bodies. With people experiencing convulsions afterwards, but being too devout, they did not suspect Saddler as being responsible. Losing their ability to feel emotions, some parents gave blank expressions when their children started to die - with the Plagas unable to gain control over the children's nervous systems, they began to experience painful fits before dying with a disfigured look on their faces (caused by their nervous system's poor control over muscles). Not long after, Saddler informed them that people may be seeking to infiltrate Los Iluminados and should be considered a dangerous threat and killed; the people ("Ganados") blindly followed.

In mid-2004, Dr. Luis Sera, a scientist working for Saddler's bio-weapons development project on an island, contacted a friend of his in search for help. Unfortunately, his friend had already died, but his call was intercepted by the mysterious Ada Wong, an agent who had recently come under the employment of an organization on the request of bioterrorist Albert Wesker. Learning about this organism, Wesker sent Jack Krauser - a former USSOCOM solder - to earn Saddler's trust and obtain a sample of the parasite. As a non-local (and, more importantly, an American) he was not trusted by the cult. However, Saddler accepted his offers of assistance eventually, and worked him into his plans.



In the Autumn of 2004, Ashley Graham was abducted from the University of Massachusetts by Krauser, obtaining a Dominant Species Plaga for his services. Fearful of the implications of the abduction reaching the media's ears, information about it was suppressed. With the intelligence agencies suspecting an internal involvement in the kidnapping, all agents were individually-screened to confirm their lack-of-involvement. Due to these actions, however, Leon S. Kennedy, who was on his first day of serving the First Family as a bodyguard, was sent to look for her in Spain on his own, after agents in Europe confirmed her sighting there.


Two policemen from Madrid were to accompany him as backup, as well as Ingrid Hannigan giving radio support. Unfortunately, Kennedy's arrival was quickly uncovered by Los Illuminados, with the villagers anticipating his arrival. While making a pit stop, one of the villagers also spied on the police man, with a sudden change in weather also foreshadowing what was to come. When Kennedy arrived at the first villager's house, he attempted to question him about Ashley's whereabouts, but the villager proceeded to attack him with a hatchet in response, forcing the American agent to neutralize him. Shortly afterwards, a truck proceeded to ram the police car down the river as well as capture the two officers, despite their best efforts in stopping the truck, as well as three other villagers coming to attack Kennedy in the house. Kennedy then, after investigating the crash, proceeded to head towards the village at the behest of Hannigan. Along the way, he also helped out a dog that had been caught in a bear trap. The villagers also proceeded to kill the first police officer immediately, by burning him at the stake. Kennedy eventually arrived at the village center, discovering the demise of the police officer, and ended up attacked by the villagers.

Around the same time, Ada Wong had already arrived at the village, and was tasked with ringing the church bell as a distraction by Wesker, due to the Los Illuminados having trained the villagers to be pacified by the church bell. Just afterwards, she witnessed Kennedy's arrival at the village. Kennedy was eventually forced into a building, with one of the villagers also revving up a chainsaw, and after dispatching them fled to another building. After dispatching several Villagers in her way, she eventually managed to procure an Insignia Key to a locked building in the village square leading to a secret passage to the Los Illuminados church. However, Ada wasn't able to actually enter the church building because the Round Insignia was missing, so she traversed by the Cliffside and, after taking out several villagers, proceeded to procure a green catseye. She then, after unlocking the Round Insignia from the platform, proceeded to use it to open up the Church. After taking out several villagers already congregated there, also passing by the holding area of Graham in the process (who was sobbing), Ada then utilized the intricate designs on the Los Illuminados projectors to activate the Church Bells, also saving Kennedy in the process. Kennedy, not quite understanding what was going on, proceeded to continue onwards, following a path near a tower, also confirming to Hannigan the death of one of the officers as well as informing her of the villagers' odd behavior. Ada Wong then entered the home of the village chief, Bitores Mendez

After traversing through the farms in the outskirts of the village, also evading a boulder trap set by the villagers, Kennedy proceeded to uncover Luis Sera. However, he ended up captured by the Villagers, led by their chief, Bitores Mendez. He attempted to kick him, but was effortlessly overpowered by the chief and knocked out, and were then escorted to the valley with Sera, which Ada proceeded to witness. A villager also proceeded to steal Kennedy's jacket. Shortly afterwards, Osmund Saddler proceeded to inject Kennedy with some Plaga eggs, and then ordered for both Sera and Kennedy to be bound together (something even Mendez, although obeying faithfully, was confused with the order). Upon regaining consciousness some time thereafter, he and Sera made small talk, also learning that Ashley Graham was held in the church beyond the village, that a secret passage was able to get him there, and that the Madrid Police Department (Sera's alleged former occupation) had a sample of the T-Virus, although they ended up nearly killed by a villager with an execution axe. Using quick-thinking, they both avoided the lethal blow from the axe head and at the same time freed themselves of their restraints in the process, with Kennedy also killing the villager in self-defense when he tried to use the axe again. Sera then proceeded to flee. As a result of Sera's escape, as well as the suspicions of the involvement of a third party, Mendez ordered for the church to be locked down until further notice, restricting access to anyone except by special order from Saddler, and also placing the key at the lake, knowing full well of Del Lago's awakening beforehand. After updating Hannigan with the details he learned from Sera, Kennedy left. He then proceeded through the valley, fighting his way through the villagers and reforming the hexagon insignia to escape. As this is happening, Ada proceeded to return to the village square to make her way back to Mendez's house, also killing several villagers, including the one who earlier stole Kennedy's outfit. He then traversed through the underground sewer area before arriving at Mendez's house, just as Ada arrived at the house. Upon leaving Mendez's bedroom, he was ambushed by the chief himself, placed at the giant man's mercy. However, much to Kennedy's confusion, the chief decided to leave him be, although not before cryptically alluding to Kennedy currently having the "same blood" as themselves (referring to Kennedy's currently being a host to Las Plaga courtesy of Saddler), as well as making clear that if Kennedy continues to be a thorn in their side, he will kill him. He was then contacted by Hannigan, who relayed to him that the village was controlled by the Los Illuminados religious cult, with Kennedy also relaying what he learned from his encounter with Mendez. After investigating the house, Kennedy attempted to leave, but then ended up ambushed by Mendez as well as stepped on. Only Ada's intervention saved Kennedy. Ada then attempted to flee, but then she managed to get surrounded by the villagers, and ended up tranquilized by Mendez and his men, who presumably then brought Ada over to a cavern. Kennedy then proceeded to escape the house and tracked down the tunnel leading to the church, which was still unlocked from Ada's earlier transgression. However, by the time he arrived at the church, he found the door to be locked. He then tried to find the lock, only to find a green catseye in its place. He then made his way through the bridge, also uncovering the location of the round insignia via Mendez's written orders. After arriving at the lake through a tunnel, he spotted the other policeman, whose remains were thrown into the lake by the villagers and then consumed by Del Lago. He then proceeded to take a motorboat, only to encounter the Del Lago. By pure luck, the anchor managed to latch onto the Del Lago, with Kennedy then proceeding to use harpoons against it. After Del Lago was killed, Kennedy barely managed to escape going down with it (due to his leg getting caught in the anchor rope), and arrived at the cabin housing the key. Unfortunately, it was around this time that the Plaga egg injected into him by Saddler proceeded to hatch, causing him to vomit up blood, and then passing out inside the cabin.

Six hours later, Kennedy came to (after experiencing a nightmare that heavily foreshadowed his possible fate as a Plaga-controlled human), and relayed what happened to him to Hannigan, causing her to speculate that his losing consciousness may have something to do with Mendez's earlier comment to him. Leon then found a letter written anonymously giving the whereabouts of the round insignia, as well as warning him about El Gigante, as well as inferring that getting rid of the parasite is beyond his abilities now. Following the tip, Kennedy then proceeded down the path behind the cabin, also witnessing the Plaga for the first time with a villager's head exploding apart and unveiling a Plaga parasite in its place. Because the waterfall current was far too strong, Kennedy had to access a switch nearby, also shooting out cables holding crates above in order to create stepping stones to get across. After activating the switch that killed the waterfall, Kennedy had to contend with several villagers advancing on him. After eliminating them, he then proceeded to find the item needed to access the church, the round insignia. Notifying Hannigan of his successfully finding it, he then advanced through the newly opened path, and then emerged back at the place he first accessed the lake. After emerging from the cave, he then was sealed in while several villagers ended up killed trying to bring out El Gigante. The dog then returned and proceeded to distract the gargantuan monster while Kennedy proceeded to attack it, eventually weakening the creature enough to force it to expose its plaga, with him eventually cutting it off. He then returned to the church, and after eliminating some Comillos, he managed to unlock the church. As an iron gate prevented him from accessing Ashley's holding area directly, Kennedy proceeded to jump across via a chandelier to the other side, and then utilize a device to match the blue, red, and green lights with the Los Illuminados symbol to unlock the gates. He then entered Ashley's holding area, with Ashley, panicking, trying to fend Kennedy off under the assumption that he was one of the Los Illuminados until he explained who he was and what his mission was. Kennedy then contacted Hannigan and informed her of his successfully retrieving the president's daughter, with Hannigan also sending an extraction chopper to retrieve them. However, before they could leave the church, Osmund Saddler revealed himself, and explained his motives: In order to eliminate the current world policing actions by America, he kidnapped Ashley, and he was actually planning to return her to the president anyway as part of his plans. Ashley then remembered that they injected her with one of the Plaga eggs, with Saddler revealing he did the same to Kennedy (with Kennedy realizing he did it around the time he was knocked out by Mendez earlier). Kennedy then narrowly managed to escape with Ashley from some cultists by jumping out the window, with Kennedy then reassuring Ashley that they can get out of the mess they got themselves into. After unlocking a door, they then escaped the church, only to find several of the villagers surrounding the area. Kennedy, at Ashley's suggestion, then shot a flammable wagon and sent it at the villagers, wiping out most if not all of them. He then proceeded to escort her back to the village as well as to the outskirts, with Ashley unlocking the gate from behind to allow Kennedy through. Upon arrival, however, Hannigan called in informing Kennedy that their chopper had been shot down. To make matters worse, an entire mob of villagers was congregating from all fronts. With no other options, Kennedy and Ashley ended up hiding in a nearby cabin. They then encountered Sera, who threw Leon a barricade to block the door from the villagers. Sera then was introduced to Ashley, where he made a slightly coarse remark about her chest, resulting in an argument. He then briefly inquired as to whether the plaga eggs in Ashley had started to hatch, although Kennedy denied it, with Sera indicating that she probably would have shown obvious side effects by that point anyways. When Ashley noticed the villagers were still advancing, Kennedy then ordered her upstairs while he and Sera defended the cabin.

Around this time, Ada awoke from her drugged state and narrowly managed to escape becoming sacrificed, also killing her would-be sacrificers. She then accessed the slaughterhouse where she managed to procure a lift key from a villager after killing her. She then proceeded to use the lift to an area of the mines, also taking out an El Gigante.

After successfully defending the cabin, the villagers called a retreat. As the bridge out of the area's out, Leon concluded they have no other options but to keep moving. Sera then mentioned that he forgot something and left abruptly. He then noticed Ada nearby, and after asking for a smoke, Ada mentioned where the sample was, to which he admitted that he was on his way to get it. He then tried to inquire what was the organization she was working for, only for Ada to state that he's better off not knowing. Sera accepts it, admitting he wouldn't care anyways as long as Ada retrieves the sample and eliminates the Los Illuminados for him. Ashley and Kennedy then, after unlocking the area, traverse down one of two paths. After getting past the onslaught down the path, they then reached the area. Mendez also realized he underestimated Kennedy, and has the villagers try and attack the two instead of tracking down Sera, also preparing himself at the Slaughterhouse for his battle against him. Kennedy then hitched one of the lifts with Ashley, also eliminating any villagers who tried to attack them. They then arrived at the slaughterhouse. Realizing someone's likely waiting for him inside, Kennedy then tells Ashley to hide before entering. He then is ambushed by Mendez and thrown, with Mendez sealing the two inside by bending the door handles together. However, Kennedy manages to dodge his next attack, also kicking over a gas barrel and setting it alight near Mendez. Mendez then mutates into a horrendous monstrosity. Kennedy managed after a tough battle to separate him from his legs, but then Mendez proceeded to use his alternate limbs to climb the rafters. Eventually, Kennedy managed to put down the village chief for good, also retrieving his false eye. Afterwards, he then escaped the burning slaughterhouse via a collapsed wall. Afterwards, Kennedy and Ashley went back up the lifts and found the gate leaving the village. Using Mendez's false eye against the gate's retinal scanner, Kennedy and Ashley then bypassed the gate.


Upon arriving through the gate, Leon and Ashley then traversed through a path. However, a truck started up and was about to run them down, forcing Leon to shoot at the driver and cause a crash. He then was forced to flee with Ashley when the villagers emerged from the gate behind them. At the castle's entrance, they noticed that the villagers are still pursuing them. Left with no other options, they crossed the bridge and raised it to block the villagers' pursuit. Now stranded in the castle, they had to continue onward. While traversing through the wall, they are forced to deal with various Cultists wielding crossbows and catapults with fire in them. As the gate was locked from the inside, Leon required a cannon to blast it down. After bringing it up via a winch, he then blew up the gate. He then went with Ashley into the Castle Barracks. Upon entering, Leon received a call from Hunnigan, with Leon explaining that they had decided to lay low inside of a castle, although it turns out the castle was also connected to the Los Illuminados. In addition, Leon also speculated the castle doesn't get much visitors because they were giving him "a hell of a welcome." Hunnigan then attempted to give Leon an idea, but the connection was lost before she could relay it. Leon then, while dealing with Los Illuminado monks, proceeded to switch the platinum and golden swords locations to unlock the exit to the area prior to the castle gate proper. Upon arriving at the gate proper, Luis arrived back to them and mentioned he has something for them, or rather, he had something for them, but had accidentally dropped them while fleeing from the Ganados. When asked, he explained that it was a drug that would help fight their convulsions, revealing he knows that they are carriers to Las Plagas. When Leon and Ashley admitted they had both coughed up blood, Luis realizes that he doesn't have much time as it means the plaga eggs have hatched, and needs to find the drugs quickly. Ashley offers to help him find it, although Luis tells her to stay with Leon as the latter was better with the ladies anyway. Leon then asked why he was determined to help them, with Luis cryptically saying that it "makes him feel better" as he departed. As they can't actually access the castle gates without the key, Leon had to search for it, also dealing with several Los Illuminados Cultists in the area before finding it. He then opened the gate and entered the Audience Hall. He and Ashley then encountered Salazar, who revealed he was expecting their arrival and that he himself was affiliated with Saddler. Leon refused, while also calling him "bro." Noting his feistiness, he then told Leon to surrender and become their hostage, though he then told him to just give them Ashley and leave him to die, as Leon wasn't worth a penny before taking his leave with his body guards. Ashley then became adamant that she not become like them, with Leon agreeing and assuring her that they'll find a cure.

However, before they could continue further, a puzzle door emerged with three slabs missing, forcing them to find another route. Leon then headed to the door on the right side, where he uncovered a notice demanding the capture of Luis Sera, as well as the prison key. He then used the key to access the prison, and ended up finding a switch. Unfortunately, he also encountered the Garrador in the same cell the switch was at. Forced to put down the blinded madman from behind via indirect means, he then managed to flip the switch, shutting off the flames spewed by horsehead statues. However, he also ended up encountering a squad of Los Illuminados members, although he ultimately ended them. He and Ashley then went to the water hall. After eliminating the group of Los Illuminados nearby, Leon and Ashley then stepped on two pressure switches, causing a crank to emerge. After eliminating some crossbow Cultists, Leon then had Ashley use the crank to lower the pillar to act as a ramp. Then, after eliminating the Cultists and their leader, Ashley pointed out to cranks above upon noticing that the pool's gap was too wide for them to cross as it was. Leon then helped her up onto the area so Ashley can turn the crank to rise the platforms enough to create a bridge, while Leon provided cover fire from the various Cultists at her request. Upon successfully raising all the platforms, Leon then caught Ashley as she jumped down, and they then crossed the "bridge" to reach the other side. Upon going through the door, they emerged in the temple. While heading down a hall, Ashley suddenly entered a coughing fit. Leon then checks up on Ashley, only for her to angrily dismiss him and tell him to leave her alone before recklessly running off (it is implied she had coughed up blood). However, spikes then emerged, forcing Ashley to the end of the hallway, and then iron bars surrounded her as soon as she hit the wall, trapping her as the wall spun around while she's demanding to know what's going on in fear. As the spikes come down, Leon vows he's going to be coming for her. Leon then gets a call from his transceiver. Leon, assuming it was Hunnigan, then asked her what happened as the transmission got cut. To shock, however, he discovered the person on the other line was actually Salazar, who explained they had jacked the line in order to ensure that Leon didn't report anything to his handlers relating to their plans. Leon then demands to know where Ashley is. Salazar then realizes Ashley must have fallen for one of their traps and tauntingly informs Leon that he will make sure they find her (revealing that even they don't know where she is). Salazar then off-handedly mentioned that he had released "miserable insects" from the sewers, with Leon quipping that he appreciates the company as boredom kills him. Salazar then signs off, although not before ominously stating that he'll look forward to seeing Leon in another life. Leon then entered the sewer underground waterways and fought off the Novistadores, the insects Salazar alluded to. While traversing through the area, he discovered a freshly deceased corpse and notes from Luis Sera comparing Las Plagas to various other parasitic lifeforms. He eventually found a drainage room, and proceeded to drain a pool of water nearby. He then proceeded to access the gate in the freshly drained pool and got out of the sewers. Afterwards, he then proceeded to evade swinging blade traps, and then managed to climb up a ladder. He then emerged on a balcony of the temple, where Los Illuminados members were holding a ritual. Leon then proceeded to wipe them out, including the head of the service, and then proceeded to use the chandelier to get to the other side and flip a switch blocking a gate. Afterwards, Leon headed through the door to the castle parlour, where he found a memo from Salazar explaining his motives for reviving the Los Illuminados and aiding them in reviving the Plaga. He then emerged in the next room and fought several Los Illuminados members, with the commander fleeing due to his having the gallery key. Leon wiped them out and retrieved the key from the commander's corpse, using it to enter the gallery area. He then moved the paintings around to move a false wall blocking a door. Upon emerging through the door, he then saw Salazar nearby, with Salazar, in mock-courtesy of Leon's arrival, stating it's Ashley they needed, not Leon. Leon then bluntly told him to get off his back if that were the case while calling him an old man. Salazar, hearing the old man comment, then revealed to Leon that he was actually only 20 years old. Leon then accused him of being a puppet of the parasites, though Salazar reveals that he's not only not the same as the Ganados, but he in fact has absolute control over the parasites. Leon then tells him that "rain or shine", he will take him down. Two panels reveal a unit of Cultists each braced to attack him, with Salazar giving the order to kill him as he takes his leave. While fighting against the Cultists, he then proceeded to disable a security device as well as push a button causing a bridge to move to the newly emerged platform containing a chest. Leon then took the Goat Ornament from the chest and made his leave through the western castle wall. He then traversed the wall, evading several crows that were flocking through the area. He then arrived at the castle garden. Upon arriving near the end of a balcony in the garden, Salazar contacted him and noted that Leon was still alive from the encounter with his Cultists earlier before he asks whether he liked his garden. Leon then noted that the garden was also done to Salazar's twisted tastes as well. Salazar, laughing at the retort, then tells Leon that, as sagacious as he is, even he gets lost in the garden sometimes, and tells him that he'll never get out, even if it takes him his life. He then mentions that no one dies without a cause while ominously adding that Leon would make a good snack for his "cute pets", before excusing himself to take care of loose ends such as hunting down a couple of rats as he signs out, causing Leon to deduce that there was another intruder in the castle besides Luis and himself. He then traversed through the garden and ultimately retrieved the moonstone halves, while dealing with the Colmillos, and then accessed a room nearby. After opening the door, however, Ada proceeded to attempt to hold Leon up, with Leon saying that following a lady's lead simply isn't his style when she demanded that he put his hands up where she can see them. After she asked again, he then turned around and bent her gun arm behind her, though she then back-kicked him, releasing his grip while also throwing her gun upward. Realizing she was about to get her gun while flipping, Leon then took out his knife and proceeded to put its blade at Ada's throat just as she retrieved her gun. He then told her to stick to knives as they are more appropriate for close encounters than guns before confiscating her handgun and making sure to remove the magazine before tossing it aside. She then removed her sunglasses and revealed her identity as Ada, commenting it's been a long time. Leon, however, was less than pleased to hear her survival, as it meant that the rumors of her working for Albert Wesker were true. She then dropped her glasses while commenting that he did his homework, subtly activating a self-destruct sequence to her sunglasses. Leon then tried to question her as to why she's working for him, though she doesn't divulge any information on that, with Leon then asking why she's at the castle, and why she showed up in this manner. However, the glasses then proceeded to give a warning beep, causing Leon to notice, also being forced to let Ada escape via a window due to the bright flash from the explosion temporarily blinding him with her retrieving her handgun, although not before Ada says that she'll see Leon around, with Leon calling out her name as she leaves. Leon then investigates the room and finds a note indicating they know about Ada and that she was connected with Sera. He then leaves for the dining hall. Meanwhile, Ada receives a call from Wesker notifying her that Sera had managed to retrieve the sample and that she should rendezvous with him in the castle, as well as giving her the additional order to take Leon out should she encounter him. Ada is hesitant, largely because Leon doesn't even know what they are planning, although Wesker is unmoved, citing he is a survivor of Raccoon City, and thus he can't afford to have his distraction running around. Ada then takes out several Cultists before heading over to the western castle wall. She then takes out several Cultists and used her hookshot to gain entry into a storeroom, retrieving a Hourglass w/ Gold Decor from one of the chests. She then entered the dining room, and ended up activating the cage trap, and dealing with several Cultists as well as a Garrador. After ensuring her enemies were taken care of, she then found their guarding an empty chest suspicious and decided to get a closer look. After removing the false bottom, she then discovered an indent for the hourglass, which she then put in to unlock the door. Leon, meanwhile arrived at the dining room shortly after Ada. He then traversed through the dining hall, and then proceeded to shoot a bottle in a painting to have it explode to unlock the door. Leon then entered the room, but then a cage collapsed, with several Cultists plus a garrador. After wiping them out, he then retrieved the item in the chest, the Hourglass w/ Gold Décor, and then went into the adjoining Gallery. Leon then took out three Cultists and flipped a switch to activate the bridge to the other side. However, the other Cultists then congregated in the area, eventually forcing him to the other half of the room where he had to fight several of them. Unbeknownst to him during this time, however, Ada also came in and witnessed the commotion. Realizing she can't afford to let herself be seen by Leon otherwise she would be forced to kill him, she then had to take out the other Cultists in secret while avoiding helping Leon directly. She then went through the other side and proceeded to go into the hallway leading to the Concourse, also briefly witnessing Ashley's presence in the chamber. Leon eventually took out the Cultists and then proceeded to continue through the corridor, with Ada hiding behind a pillar just as Leon emerged. Luis then emerged right behind Leon and informed him that he has the pills before suddenly going silent. Then, he is impaled from behind by a tentacle as Leon watches in shock. Luis is then forced to drop a syringe only for it to land in Saddler's hand. Then Luis screams in agony before the tentacle violently smashes him to the ground. The tentacle then proceeded to return to within Saddler's robes as Leon checks up on Luis. Saddler then tells Luis that now he has the sample back, he no longer serves any purpose. Leon then angrily yells at Saddler. Saddler then takes his leave, although not before making clear to Leon that he intends to have Salazar make sure that Leon suffers the same fate. Leon is about to pursue Saddler, but then decides to give medical aid to Luis, telling him to stay with him. Luis, realizing he won't survive his wounds, admits he had been a researcher for Los Illuminados, and had been hired by Saddler to work on their bioweapons, but then Saddler found out he was planning to betray them. Leon tells him not to talk. Luis then forces his hand away and gives him the drugs, informing Leon that they will suppress the growth of the parasite, and that Leon needs to retrieve the sample that Saddler took from him before dying. Leon then calls Luis's name in grief before looking down at the pills Luis gave him upon standing up. Ada, witnessing the entire thing, then reports to Wesker that she found Luis, but unfortunately, she found him too late. Wesker then asked if she retrieved the sample, with Ada admitting Saddler took the sample before she could get it back. Wesker decided there's at least another time for them to get the sample, and then asks if she got a chance to kill Leon. Ada lies and claims she didn't. Wesker, however, decided to just use Leon as a distraction for Los Illuminados so they could get the sample unnoticed as Ada signs off.

Leon then departed from Luis's corpse, although not before promising that he'll make sure Saddler pays for his demise. He then found Ashley trapped nearby calling for help. He then obliges by shooting the bars containing her, freeing her. However, the ordeal left her slightly irate at Leon, as the rescue nearly killed her, causing her to comment on the near-death experience. However, three Los Illuminados members emerged to try and retrieve Ashley, with Leon telling the First daughter to get out of there, also providing cover fire against the Cultists. She then tried to open the door out of there, but she discovered that it was locked. To make matters worse, several more Los Illuminados Cultists emerged and are about to get Ashley, resulting in Leon providing cover fire for Ashley again. After wiping them out, Ashley then found the key on their leader, and proceeded to use it on the door she couldn't open earlier. She then traversed through the study, avoiding and if necessary torching any Cultists in the area while opening various doors. As she cannot use a turntable in the study, she was forced to enter the dark storeroom to find anything that would be of use. She then pushed several buttons opening various gates. She then entered a dark passageway and eventually managed to find the Salazar Family Insignia, as well as the Serpent Ornament. However, while backtracking, the armor she witnessed came alive and began attacking her. Many times, she even was forced to dodge the armor before it cleaved her with its axe, resulting in the armor collapsing. She then returned to the study, discovered a memo from Salazar's butler detailing how Saddler manipulated him, and then used the Insignia to turn the turntable, revealing a ladder taking her back to the Concourse. She then reconvened with Leon, and then was about to apologize for her earlier behavior to him, though Leon told her to not worry about it and that they move on, with Ashley then supplying Leon with what she had found. Suddenly, Salazar called in and noted in a feigned-touched tone about their reunion, with Leon commenting that the reunion was spoiled by him before telling him to leave before the "audience gets pissed off." Salazar then taunted Leon claiming he's nothing more than an extra in his script before telling him to not get too carried away, assuring him his biggest scene is over. Leon then commented that he doesn't remember being part of Salazar's crappy script. Salazar then tells him to show him a first-class script through his own actions.

Leon and Ashley then continue onward to castle gondola A. Leon then steps onto a wheeled contraption over lava, also telling Ashley to stay put. Leon then entered a room filled with lava and dragon statues. Forced to contend with fire-breathing statues and various Cultists, Leon successfully managed to grab the Lion Ornament before returning to Ashley. They then entered the gondola and returned to the audience hall. Leon and Ashley then construct the Chimera out of the ornaments and place it on the puzzle door, which allowed them entry. They then proceeded over to the castle gondola B, which then brought them to the lobby. They then went into the Weapon Exhibition room, and solved a puzzle involving themselves and two knight armor statues to open a door. They then went through, only to encounter Salazar on the other side. Deciding they've lived long enough, he then activated a spiked ceiling trap demanding to know whether they can survive that before taking his leave. Leon, however, managed to deactivate the trap by shooting out four red dots. They then pressed onwards through the hallway Salazar fled towards. However, the door sealed just as Ashley was to go through it, trapping her. To make matters worse, a digger machine piloted by Cultists burst through the wall behind her, forcing Leon to take them out to free Ashley before she got killed by it. For the ordeal, Leon managed to find the Queen's Grail. Returning to the Lobby, they found a memo announcing that Saddler had retrieved the sample from Luis, and that they are to deal with the Americans by killing Leon and delivering Ashley before Saddler. Leon and Ashley then arrived at the knight room, where Leon, after making sure Ashley stayed put, evaded several Armadura traps, as well as retrieved the King's Grail, although not before having to deal with two waves of Armaduras upon gaining it. They then returned to the lobby, although before they could place the grails at the respective statues, they had to deal with five Cultists. They then arrived at the dance hall, which had a massive hive of Novistadores inside. However, a Novistador managed to abduct Ashley. To make matters worse, most of the hive began targeting Leon, thus forcing him to fight them. Afterwards, he then activated a lever to release a drawbridge. However, the gears jammed, thus forcing Leon to shoot the chains of the bridge to have it come down completely. Meanwhile, Ashley was delivered to Salazar, who decided to proceed with the ritual to induct her into the Los Illuminados as planned, also ordering for several Cultists to jam the gears of the clocktower to buy time. He then emerged outside the clock tower, and received a call from Salazar asking if Leon can see him. Leon then threatened to break Salazar's bones if he so much as even scratched her. Salazar then mentions they'll see how far Leon will get first. He then took out his binoculars and witnessed Ashley being escorted by Salazar and one of his bodyguards, to his consternation. To make matters worse, a Cultist spotted him, with several proceeding to man various catapults with fireballs, forcing Leon to take refuge inside the clocktower. Leon, upon discovering Salazar's orders regarding the clock tower, proceeded to shoot out three planks that jammed the gears, moving the bridge to the area where Salazar took Ashley. However, Leon had to deal with several Cultists before he could actually get in, both within and outside the clocktower. Leon then dealt with several Cultists and garradors before entering the room where Ashley was being held at. Salazar then asked Leon when he'll ever learn to throw in the towel before activating a trap door, to Ashley's horror. However, Leon managed to save himself by throwing a grappling hook with cable onto a wall, stopping his fall. Salazar, listening in, wonders when the sound of his impalement would occur. Leon then commented he isn't falling for that trick before promptly shooting the listening device, also causing Salazar discomfort as a result. Salazar, enraged, then decided there will be no more games and angrily orders for the red robed bodyguard to kill Leon, while telling his black robed bodyguard to take Ashley for the ritual, having no time to waste. Ashley is then forced to move along, although not before expressing relief that Leon was still alive.

Upon Leon safely making it to the ground at old aqueduct A, Salazar then calls Leon, sarcastically stating Leon has nine lives, before revealing that he had sent his right hand to dispose of him. Leon then sarcastically asked if Salazar's literal right hand comes off. Salazar, already irate from Leon's earlier action, proceeds to tell him to say as he pleases before ragefully telling him to die, presumably destroying his own radio in the process. Leon then climbed up the ladder followed the aqueduct before being pursued by an unseen force. He then entered Castle/Old aqueduct B, and then the unseen force managed to break down the door, pursuing Leon through the vents and trying to kill him. Leon dodged its blows and proceeded to activate the elevator. However, he was forced to hold off the creature as not only did the elevator have a 4-minute delay of arrival, but also the shutters had been activated. The creature then revealed itself a the Verdugo. Leon ultimately managed to take it out with the elevator arriving in time where he boarded it. Meanwhile, at an unidentified island, Saddler, deciding that Saddler failed to kill Leon, dispatched Krauser to both retrieve Ashley and kill Leon (the latter of whom he had disparagingly referred to as a pig and swine), with Krauser obeying the order.



After the events, The village was cleaned out and access was restricted to the area despite there not being any Plaga infested people or creatures left the fossilized Plaga survived in a spore-like form, just like it originally did before being found by Ramon Salazar after it's burial for years.[2]

Several years later, the villagers decided to enter the area, despite the obvious restrictions about a biohazard threat, this resulted in a consequence of them being infested with the wild Plaga that survived in spore form. This infestation immediately captured the interests of other organizations and companies that were interested in B.O.W. black market data and samples from the left overs of Umbrella and Tricell, eventually sending their Mercenaries to gather data and samples for them while each organization competes against the other. A researcher from Umbrella Corps, when giving the details of the mission, also noted that one of their commanders seemed to be suspiciously familiar with the village and what had transpired.[3]


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