The Sushestvovanie Island incident events of Resident Evil Revelations 2 takes place. Radio News report in Sushestvovanie Island reports about the East Slavic Civil War.

  • Claire Redfield, Moira Burton, Gina Foley, Gabriel Chavez, Pedro Fernandez and Neil Fisher are kidnapped from a TerraSave party and are taken and stranded on Sushestvovani Island.
  • Claire and Moira are taunted by an unseen individual calling herself the "Overseer.
  • Claire and Moira escape from the Penal Colony Prison Area, they meet up with their colleages and later encounter a little girl known as Natalia Korda, a survivor of Terragrigia Panic and a guest at the TerraSave Party.
  • Gina dies, Pedro mutates, Gabriel dies while trying to escape via helicopter.
  • Natalia is kidnapped by an unseen individual.
  • Claire and Moira find an old man who refuses to help them and calls them intruders.
  • Neil Fisher is revealed to be the traitor that sold TerraSave out all in order to establish the FBC's goals. He demanded a sample of Uroboros, which the "Overseer" injects him with, saying that he asked for it.
  • Pedro mutates, Claire feels sympathetic over his mutation and sell out, both Claire and Moira battle to put him down, Moira gets over her traumatic experience and manages to use Claire's handgun to protect her and put Neil down for good.
  • The Overseer puts Natalia in a coma for six months in order to copy her digital consciousness to her.
  • Claire and Moira finally get to see the true face of the Overseer, however, she shots herself in the head and activates a self-destruct, Claire manages to escape without Moira as she gets stuck underneath a rock and tells Claire to leave her behind.
  • Moira is rescued by Evgeny Rebic, the older man they encountered earlier, he patches her up and teaches her how to survive under severe conditions and how to hunt for food and supplies.
  • Natalia awakes after six months, she encounters a manifestation in her brain who appears just like her but with the traits of the Overseer as a result of the consciousness transfer she went through. She identifies herself as a friend and helps Natalia in finding Lottie; her teddy bear, which she finds later on but swears as her and Dark Natalia says "Next time, you won't see me coming" Implying that this was all staged up by her other personality / manifestation.
  • Six-months later, Barry Burton arrives on the island to rescue his daughter Moira, having hope that she is alive, he encounters Natalia, who recently awoke from her coma.
  • It is revealed that the Overseer is in fact Alex Wesker as Natalia explains while pointing to a picture that is showing both Alex and Albert Wesker. It is revealed that she survived due to the viruses in her body (Prototype Virus, Progenitor virus, T-Phobos Virus) as she experienced fear the last moment before her death.
  • Alex has lost her mind and is hellbent on killing Natalia and wants her dead, she is afraid of seeing her other self and thinks the only true her is herself.
  • Barry manages to put down Alex Wesker and is found by his daughter Moira, and they finally put down Alex for good with the help of Claire Redfield who aids him via helicopter.


The Eastern Slav civil war events of Resident Evil Damnation take place early this year.