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Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)
Further notes

"This is how a professional does things ..."

— 3A-7 before starting a mission.
3A-7 Intro

"3A-7" is the code-name given to the main playable character in the single-player mode of Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps called The Experiment. He is also the base model used for the multiplayer customization component of the game.

3A-7, or the faction of Mercenaries he is in, are hinted to appear in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.[1]


Not much is known about him aside from the fact that he is a mercenary, seemingly under the command of Abraham Jackson, and later on, Beatrice Bertrand. During the events of The Experiment, he is sent throughout various quarantined locations to do the unknown organization's bidding.

Deadly Experiment (2012, March - April) Edit

After an undisclosed hiatus, Abraham Jackson was the one put in charge to resume the supposed experiments, starting with agent 3A-7. The mercenary is then stationed on quarantined areas of an Umbrella laboratory and a TRICELL facility, respectively after the other. He was tasked with testing combat theory information in the field acquired from varied sources (one of them being a combat technique called CQBZ), surveying and sending area data through a transfer point, and collecting samples from killed Bio Organic Weapons.

At some point during these missions, a colleague of Abraham only known by the name of Honker, decided to change mission objectives to drastically lower the survival rate of the test subjects. Nonetheless, 3A-7 was able to fulfill their requests without casualties.

Where it Started (2012, May - June) Edit

After numerous and dangerous trials given by Abraham were completed to test out 3A-7's battle efficiency, he was sent to Spain in order to acquire samples from the remaining Ganado in a nearby village. It is at this time when one of the higher-ups in the organization he is working for started to take interest. Abraham notes that that this commander talks about the village as if "he was there when everything went down."[Excerpt 1] The commander even wanted to inform Abraham that he is the reason they're running these experiments.

When Abraham was to have 3A-7 move on to the next set of trials in Africa, he was curious as to who this commander is. He was willing to go as far as accessing the DNA archives with one split of the person's hairs, which he managed to get in secret.

The Vanished and the New (2012, July) Edit

After a month of inactivity, Beatrice Bertrand was called in to replace the lead researcher (Abraham Jackson) as he mysteriously vanished without a trace. She has also informed 3A-7 of these new changes as his testing continues against the Majini.

Rumors has started to spread in the unknown organization about Abraham's disappearance, but Beatrice would rather not delve deeper into what happened for her own safety. At best, she hopes "the rat would die" to have the experiments end quicker.[Excerpt 2] Much to Beatrice's dismay, the mercenary was successful in the given set of trials. More-so, she compares 3A-7's skill to that of the U.S.S. Soldiers.

Where it All Began (2012, August - September) Edit

The next location 3A-7 was set to be situated in is highly confidential, to the point that they were drugged and put to sleep before the trip there. Beatrice remarked that where they woke up in is a recreation of Raccoon City, right down to its police station.

This is where they began testing newly developed weapon prototypes, as potential sponsors are watching the mercenary's performance. One of which is a device 3A-7 was outfitted with to disrupt the sensory capabilities of lesser B.O.Ws (Bio Organic Weapons) called the Zombie Jammer.

Beginning of The End (2012, October - December) Edit

Upon perfecting the Zombie Jammer and sending the mercenary to an Antarctic base for the next set of trials, Beatrice was given a new order by her supervisors: "To kill 3A-7 within the experiment."[Excerpt 3] She even taunts that he can't mask away his location from mutated monsters like the Bloodshot. Nevertheless, 3A-7 survived all the rigged missions given to him. This prompted Beatrice to making assumptions that this mercenary could be the Grim Reaper himself.

Endless Game (2013, January) Edit

As 3A-7 manages to keep himself alive in the Antarctic base, the previous researcher (Beatrice Bertrand) "was dismissed" upon failure of the instructions given to her.[Excerpt 4] The mercenary is then given a report by an unnamed replacement saying that all the researchers in the unknown organization are now afraid of him, dubbing him the "new Grim Reaper."

What happens to 3A-7 after is not told, but the report suggests that the unnamed replacement has future plans for the mercenary.


  1. "The organization is watching. And that man seems very interested in this village. The way he talks about it... it's almost like he was there when everything went down. Just who is this guy?" - Abraham Jackson (Umbrella Corps, The Experiment)
  2. "The lab rat has completed the experiment. He doesn't know anything about what's going on, or just how fucked up the previous researcher running the experiment was. I was hoping the rat would die and that'd be the end of things." - Beatrice Bertrand (Umbrella Corps, The Experiment)
  3. "So... things have changed. My newest order is "Kill 3A-7 within an experiment." Two reasons for that - the first being we've perfected the zombie jammer. The second is that we can't have you lowering the stock on BOW's. Don't take it personally." - Beatrice Bertrand (Umbrella Corps, The Experiment)
  4. "The previous researcher was... dismissed. I'll be taking over regarding the further experimental trials of subject 3A-7. Guess someone upstairs hates me." - Unknown replacement (Umbrella Corps, The Experiment)
  1. 3A-7 Photogrammetry

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