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The A-2 Elevator is an area of the Raccoon City Underground Laboratory that is featured in Resident Evil 2.


It is an elevator used to reach different floor and platform of the Raccoon City Laboratory.


The player can turn on the switch located at the B3F Incinerator Room to activated this elevator.

A Master Key is required to reach B8F Platform. The player must fetch Sherry first before proceeding toward the B8F Platform, she can be located inside the B4F security room.

Once the player had arrived in the B8F Platform, they can't turn back.


Location Localization Original Script
Elevator control panel An elevator control panel. Will you push the button? Yes/No
Examine the master key panel (Without the Master key) "The master key is required to open the emergency route."
Examine the master key panel (With the Master Key) "The master key is required to open the emergency route." Will you use the master key? Yes/No
The panel An emergency passage way is visible. Will you go down? Yes/No


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