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This weapon is used in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica, found in the Antarctic Base armory by Claire Redfield. With its ammunition supply measured in a percentage, one spare magazine of 50% can be found in the ruins of the research center by Chris Redfield. Chris can also find the gun in the Antarctica Facility in the room with the Magnum and Detonator. It is also known to be the main weapon of the Umbrella Security forces.

This weapon fires very quickly, but is slightly weak, usually taking more rounds to kill a zombie compared to the Handgun. This weapon can be used as a replacement for the Handgun if the player prefers to conserve ammo for it. It can also be used as a back-up weapon in a battle with Nosferatu if the Sniper Rifle's ammo has ran out.

The weapon is used by Claire in her alternate costume in the Battle mode and it has infinite ammo.


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