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A Message from Jill is the opening cutscene to the "Chapter 6-3" level of Resident Evil 5.



Chris: "Wait."

Sheva: "An assault bomber! Then Jill and Wesker was planning to spread Uroboros throughout the world..."

Chris: "He's planning to use this to spread it. Wesker! There he is. Come on, let's go! Jill! Are you alright?"

Jill (radio): I'm fine. Don't worry about me. Just listen carefully, there's something I need to tell you. Wesker's superhuman strength, it comes from a virus. But the virus is unstable. In order to maintain a balance he must inject himself regularly with a serum."

Sheva: "So if we cut the supply of serum he loses his strength."

Jill (radio): "Affirmative. But he just took a dose, so it's gonna be a while before he needs another one."

Chris: "Damn.

Jill (radio): "Listen, Excella said that the amount administered has to be precise. So if he injects too much it should act like a poison. I think she used a serum labeled PG67A/W."

Sheva: "PG67A/W?

Jill (radio): "I'm gonna try to find a way to escape. You need to find that serum. Excella always kept it with her in an attache ca--"

Chris: "Jill! Come in! Jill!"

Sheva: "Chris...this is it."

Chris: "Let's give it a shot."

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