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A Piece of the Puzzle is the tenth cutscene of Resident Evil 5, playing during "Chapter 1-2". In the Japanese script, it is known as "Evidence Collected" (証拠品回収 Shōko-hin kaishū?).[1] This scene is played when Chris and Sheva finally reach Alpha team's location



Chris: What the hell happened in here?"

Chris: Hey, who did this?"

Dan: "Something attacked us...Irving...He got away...It was a setup..."

Chris: "A setup...!?"

Chris: "What is this?"

Dan: "It's data regarding the deal...I downloaded it from their computer... You got to get it to HQ..."

Chris: "Hey... hey, hang in there!"

Sheva: "I saw someone, but they ran away..."

CHRIS (radio): "Kirk, do you copy? We got the data, but Alpha Team is down. Irving got away."

Kirk: "Roger. Relay the data from the vehicle at the storage facility."

Chris: "Copy that."

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.



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