A Ruined Village is a piece of music composed for Resident Evil 4. It appears in the biohazard4 Original Soundtrack as track 5 of the "Darkness Side" disc.

Music informationEdit

A Ruined Village was composed with synthesizers to juxtapose the "quiet, eerie and motionless" sense of the village with the active presence of explosives such as the booby traps and Ganados with dynamite.[excerpt 1]

In-game usageEdit

A Ruined Village plays at the ruinous deserted village explored in Chapter 1-2.



  1. Excerpt from Soundtrack Book:
    "シンセ音を使って「静かで不気味、 動きがない感じ」 の音楽にしましたが、 ダイナマイトを持ったガナードや爆弾トラップなど爆発物満載の案外騷々しい廃村です。 グルグル走り回って同士討ちを狙うのも一つの手で、 上手くいくばノーダメージで倒せる上に弾の節約にもなります。 あ、 でもトラッバサミにだけ気はをつけてください。"

Preceded by
A Strange Pasture
biohazard4 Original Soundtrack, disk 1
December 2005
Succeeded by
Ganado Ⅱ