Resident Evil 4 features a number of special animations which can be performed in certain situations with the pushing of certain buttons. Some animations revolve around martial arts, while others may be as simple as kicking a door open or jumping through a window.

Martial arts


Name Animation Description
Kick (蹴る) Leon performs a high-kick.
Kick (蹴る) Leon performs another kick closer to 90 degrees.
Belly-to-Belly (ベリィ・トゥ・ベリィ) Leon grabs a Ganado enemy and lifts their body over his. This results in Leon falling backwards to the floor and the Ganado suffering a head injury.


Name Animation Description
Senpūashi Literally meaning "whirlwind foot" (旋風脚), the Senpūashi has Ada spin her body 180 degrees while delivering a high-kick.
Back kick The Back kick (バックキック) has Ada spin her body at a 180 degree angle and deliver a near-90 degree kick.


Name Animation Description
Kick Krauser delivers two high kicks, his left foot following his right.
Stinger The Stinger (毒針) has Krauser force a Ganado to kneel down, allowing him to stomp on one of its knees.
Left arm stab If his arm is mutated by the Plaga, Krauser can perform the Left arm stab (左腕突き), where he lunges his arm forward like a spear.


Name Animation Description
Execution The Execution (処刑) attack has HUNK get behind a Ganado and break its neck.
Kick HUNK's kick has him pull back his right arm to give it more distance to speed up on its way to the target.


Name Animation Description
Palm strike (掌打)
Nerichagi (ネリチャギ) Martial arts term meaning "ax kick".

Other moves

Climb (enemy)
Climb (enemy) (よじ登る(敵)) is a special move performed by Leon when in combat with El Gigante. In this animation, Jumps onto the creature's back and begins slashing at the Plaga parasite. The number of button mashes determines how many slashes are performed before the creature gets back up.
Throw (lantern)
Throw (lantern) (投げる(ランタン)) is only performed by Ashley in Chapter 4. In this animation, she picks up a lantern, turns as far as 180 degrees and throws it at nearby Cultists.



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