Ada's Smile (それでもエイダは微笑んだ Soredemo Eida wa hohoenda?) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is the seventeenth cutscene in Ada's campaign, and is played at the end of Chapter 5 of Chris Story.


Ada finds Carla's greatest creation beginning to hatch. Having been through enough already, Ada fires on the cretures until she runs out of ammo, killing. She then empties two more clips into the lab equipment, setting it on fire. Ada then tosses the PDA into the flames, having vented all her disgust. Hearing her phone ring, Ada is offered a job. She tells the employer that her schedule just cleared. Ada walks out of the burning lab, happy to have destroyed the evidence of her cloning.


Ada: "You're beyond sympathy at this point."
"You're beyond humanity."
"A job, huh?"
"My schedule just cleared."

Ada: "もう同情してあげる必要はなさそうね"
"これで 終わりよ"
"ちょうど今 休暇が終わったところだから"