Resident Evil 6 all cutscenes - Ada's Smile01:45

Resident Evil 6 all cutscenes - Ada's Smile

Ada's Smile

Ada's Smile (それでもエイダは微笑んだ Soredemo Eida wa hohoenda?) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is the seventeenth cutscene in Ada's campaign, and is played at the end of Chapter 5 of Chris Story.



Ada: "You're beyond sympathy at this point."
"You're beyond humanity."
"A job, huh?"
"My schedule just cleared."

Ada: "もう同情してあげる必要はなさそうね"
"これで 終わりよ"
"ちょうど今 休暇が終わったところだから"

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