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Ada Chapter 1 is the opening chapter to Ada Story in Resident Evil 6. Receiving a message from someone who claims to be Derek C. Simmons, Ada breaks into a mysterious submarine where she finds information about Jake Muller — and herself.

Plot Summary

Matchless in her ability and renowned in the underworld as a spy, Ada Wong one day receives an unexpected message. Presidential aide, Derek Simmons, apparently has some information he claims is of great interest to her future.

Curiosity piqued, Ada follows his instructions and infiltrates a submarine—which oddly has its security systems set to match her fingerprints. There, she finds orders from Simmons regarding the capture of Jake Muller, a young man who possessed antibodies to the C-Virus; however, the orders are from more than 6-months prior, and Ada has no recollection of having received them. Ada wonders if someone else has carried out the orders in her place, or if Simmons was merely lying about the information.

Ada escapes the submarine, and receives another message from Simmons, this one informing her that the orders from six months ago are a large piece to the puzzle. Further, he reveals that Neo Umbrella will launch bioterror attacks first in America, then in China. Not wanting to be left out in the cold, Ada heads to America.


  • "Find anything interesting?"
    "A recording from six months ago."
    "Then the trip was worthwhile. What's the matter? Still haven't figured it out yet? Allow me to clarify. Tomorrow the U.S. will suffer a bio-terrorist attack. After that, China. Then all major cities around the world will suffer the same fate. All at the hands of Neo-Umbrella's very own Ada Wong."
    — Ada learns she's going to be scapegoated

    "What are you fighting?"
    "Whatever the hell gets in my way. Although the virus keeping making a cameo."
    "I like your answer
    — Ada's first conversation with Carla


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