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Ada Chapter 2 is a chapter of Ada Story in Resident Evil 6. As she joins the pieces of the puzzle and discovers the existence of Carla Radames, Ada is challenged by her into joining the fight in Lanshiang and trying to stop her plans — or failing and being blamed by the world for Carla's crimes.


True to his word, Simmons' bioterror attacks begin in Tall Oaks, where the president is infected and killed. To investigate into the matter, Ada infiltrates the Tall Oaks Cathedral, in which the secret laboratory of the Family lies under. On her way to Simmons' laboratory, Ada runs into Leon and his partner Helena, who is carrying her sister, Deborah, who later mutates into a B.O.W. With her help, Helena and Leon is able to bring down Deborah, putting her out of her pain. Helena tells of how Simmons had kidnapped her sister Deborah and blackmailed Helena into cooperating in the Tall Oaks attack. Ada considers this story, and decides it wholly possible.

Simmons is afforded certain powers in his position as head of The Family, a generations-old shadow organization that manipulates global-scale politics in order to maintain international "stability"—meaning the continued wealth of The Family's members. After informing Leon and Helena of The Family's existence, Ada ventures further into the laboratory, battling numerous monsters on the way. In the lab Ada finds a tape showing what appears to be herself being born from a cocoon, labelled "Happy Birthday, Ada Wong".

For Ada, this solves one mystery: the person to whom Simmons had given the orders six months ago was not her, but her Neo Umbrella doppelganger—a fake Ada. Furthermore, this fake Ada is now threatening the stability sought by The Family, and later put the blame to the real Ada Wong.

Ada is unable to sit idle while this copy of her paraded about, and leaves to find and eliminate her. She calls Simmons, telling him about Carla's plans, before destroying the evidence.


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