Ada Chapter 3 is a chapter of Ada Story in Resident Evil 6. Ada arrives in Lanshiang and joins what she calls the "Raccoon reunion"; helping out Jake and Sherry and following Chris and Piers, she starts to make her way towards Carla Radames.


Ada follows the Neo Umbrella trail to China, where a bioterror incident dwarfing the recent Tall Oaks attack is occurring. Picking up BSAA transmissions, Ada locks down her imposter's location. On her way, she encounters Sherry from the Raccoon City incident, with Jake Muller in tow. In addition to the young agent Birkin, both Leon Kennedy and Chris Redfield are in China as well. Ada muses that the entire affair seems more like a Raccoon City reunion.

Following Chris, Ada infiltrates the Neo Umbrella controlled aircraft carrier, intent on finding her imposter.


  • Ada: Chainsaw, huh? How elegant.
  • Ada: Why is it nothing stay dead anymore!?
  • Ada: Time to save the day again.


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