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Ada Chapter 4 is a chapter of Ada Story in Resident Evil 6. Tailing Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, Ada breaks into Carla Radames's Aircraft Carrier, where she expects to find herself face to face with her evil imposter — buried within the carrier, however, there are more secrets than she could imagine.


On the aircraft carrier, Ada managed to sneak past Neo-Umbrella J'avos and their B.O.W.s, as well as escaping Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, who believed her as the "Ada" they're chasing after. After sneaking and running through the aircraft carrier, Ada discovers a room with a suspicious-looking case.

Ada finds documentation regarding the creation of her imposter. It all stemmed from Simmons' deep-rooted frustrations in her not being the docile, obedient soldier he expected. This frustration bore a twisted need for revenge, which came in the form of creating a facsimile of Ada, a clone that would obey Simmons, and only Simmons. The road to perfecting the clone was long, and littered with failures—countless test subjects used and discarded—until finally, success was had in injecting the C-Virus and a sample of Ada's DNA into Carla Radames, a scientist working under Simmons' supervision. However, this success was short-lived. The buried consciousness of Carla slowly awoke to her situation, and began to extract retribution against Simmons.

Ada finds her clone's body crumpled on the floor. The imposter had been cornered by the BSAA but ultimately gunned-down by The Family. However, Carla's body, which by all rights should have been dead, springs to life and attacks Ada. Powered by an enhanced strain of the C-Virus, Carla undergoes violent mutations, rupturing her own body into a mass of white shapeless goo, shrieking that she is the true Ada Wong. Following a desperate struggle, Ada is eventually able to defeat her clone. However, still having some loose ends to tie up, Ada takes a helicopter and flees the aircraft carrier.


Ada: ?

Ada: Really? Three separate passcodes?
Can't get in without three passcodes.
If trying to open a locked door
Ada: It's locked from the other side.
Ada: Last one. Almost too easy.

Encountering another Rasklapanje
Ada: Urgh. Can't a girl get two seconds to herself around here?

Carla: Can you feel it spreading through your body yet?
I'm just giving you exactly what you gave me, Simmons.

Ada: Oh, there's my evil twin.

Ada: チェックメイトよ


If trying to open a locked door
Ada: 裏から ロックされてる…
これで3つのコードが そろったわね

Encountering another Rasklapanje
Ada: パケモノの入場はお断り

Carla: 聞こえてる?プレゼントは気に入ってもらえたかしら?
あなたが 私にくれたものそっくり お返しするわ

Ada: この声は…


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