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  • "Ada Wong" - the Mainstream version of the character
  • "Carla Radames" - An imposter who took Ada Wong's identity in Resident Evil 6 and eventually began to genuinely believe that she was the real one.

Other Versions

  • "Ada Wong" - the ORC depiction
  • "Ada Wong - the Anderson adaptation
  • "Ada Wong" - the corporate spy
  • "Ada Wong" - an Umbrella agent
  • "Ada Wong" - the woman who caught up in the incident of Raccoon City
  • "Ada Wong" - the drama album adaptation
  • "Ada Wong" - the Makino character
  • "Ada Wong" - the Monolith depiction
  • "Ada Wong" - an Asian-American spy
  • "Ada Wong" - an Umbrella researcher
  • "Ada Wong" - a former Umbrella agent
  • "Ada Wong" - an Umbrella researcher involved in the viral outbreak
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