Ada and Derek, known instead as Ada and Simmons (エイダとシモンズ Eida to shimonzu?) in the original script, is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6.


It can be found in Ada Chapter 2.


Derek Simmons believes in world stability, and he, along with The Family, believe in preserving that stability, even if they have to act illegally to do so.

When Derek first met Ada Wong, it caused a ripple in his normally logical and unperturbed personality. Ada's skills as a spy were unparalleled, and the missions she carried out for him were instrumental in his goals.

A fracture in their work relationship was formed when Ada learned that Derek was behind the operation to raze Raccoon City. Realizing it was dangerous to keep company with Derek, Ada left his employ, never looking back.

From that point on, Derek has been maniacal in his plans to get back Ada. Whether it was because he felt an emotional attachment to her or because he thought she was the only woman whose intelligence could match his own is unknown. But this monomania with Ada led him to put a sinister plan into action.

Below is a note Simmons wrote after he lost Ada.


How could she leave me? We were the perfect partners! She was beautiful, intelligent, and the only one I would allow at my side. She should have known that.

Ada, why...

Now I'll have to create a replacement.








「エイダが私の元を去った!なぜだ? 私たちは最高のパートナーだったはずだ。彼女は、私が唯一認めた、この世で最も美しく聡明な存在。私と、唯一、肩を並べることが許される存在。彼女も、それが分かっていたはずだ!