Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Adam was introduced through a fictional blog, Experience Kijuju, highlighting his experiences in Kijuju as a mining foreman and leading up to the BSAA's strike in the region.[1]


Adam is an optimistic individual who enjoys beer and women, and falls into deep lust with a beautiful blonde girl later identified as Allyson. The two begin a short affair which is ended before things get serious, as a panicked Allyson resolves to find her boyfriend and escape. As Kijuju falls into madness, Adam ostracizes himself within his building occasionally watching the events unfolding from his window. As the days go on and Adam's morale continues to fall, Allyson returns to Adam, unable to find her boyfriend which gives Adam a boost in spirit that helps him focus on something other than the horrific ramblings of the man with the megaphone outside. However, his attention to his blog makes Allyson question his desire to escape causing her to leave him in search of her own escape. Adam continues to wait in his room, his fear building, begging for help within his blog. On Friday, March 6, with another execution, presumably of Reynard Fisher, Adam began to hear gunfire outside. After checking, he witnessed Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar fighting off hordes of majini, and Kirk Mathison blasting down a metal gate with a missile. Filled with hope, Adam opts to ask Sheva for a drink once the ordeal is over, finally able to return to discussing the finer points in life: beer and women.

Further Notes

  • Adam appears as a merchant in the PlayStation Home Resident Evil 5 Studio Lot; having his own shop "Adam's Shop" and selling shirts and other accessories.