Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

"I've always valued your friendship, Leon."
— President Benford to Leon in a flashback

Adam Benford was President of the United States in 2013. Benford was Leon's recruiter into the Division of Security Operations years prior and had a close friendship with him. Adam also had some degree of military experience.


"Bio-organic weapons are a global threat and we are partly to blame. We have to come clean and start working with the rest of the world... if we want to have any chance of fighting this. "
— President Adam Benford to agent Leon Scott Kennedy

During the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident, the President of the time and a Senate select committee agreed that the "Sterilization Operation", or "CODE: XX", should be implemented to eradicate all traces of the t-Virus. Unbeknownst to the general public, this decision was also made to cover-up the US federal government's awareness and complacency towards Umbrella's unethical research, along with the US military's bio-weapons deals with company personnel. At the time, Adam was a senior government official. It was also Adam who took interest in Raccoon police officer Leon S. Kennedy's extraordinary escape from the city, and offered him a new career as part of the "Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team" under the direct supervision of the US President.[1][2]

Just after taking office,[3] Adam Benford established the Division of Security Operations and the Field Operations Support on February 2 2011,[4] placing Ingrid Hannigan as the operations coordinator and having her report directly to him.[5] Following this, he founded the Division of Security Operations to form a branch where agents would deal with threats of bioterrorism and report directly to him. The DSO was formed under the advice of his close friend, Leon, and the agent was subsequently made its first founding member.[4]

Tall Oaks and death

"Adam... I'm sorry. "
— Leon to President Benford, after being forced to shoot him

Sometime before June 2013, the now-President Benford confided in Leon his plans for a public announcement. He revealed his intention to reveal to the public the truth about the Raccoon City incident, explaining to Leon that Bio Organic Weapons are a threat and that the United States government was partly to blame for it becoming such. He admitted that he knew people would question his motives for revealing the truth and that it might hurt more than help. However, it was the only way for them to begin to work with the rest of the world and stand a chance of staving off bio-terrorism. Leon promised to side with him no matter what his decision was.

However, Derek C. Simmons, the national security advisor and, unbeknownst to Benford, head of a secret society known only as the Family, had no desire to see the truth behind Raccoon City publicized, firmly convinced that it would jeopardize the global political order and stability that he and his organization had worked for so long. To this end, he kidnapped Deborah Harper, the younger sister of U.S. Secret Service agent Helena Harper, and used the former's safety to blackmail the latter into helping him breach the President's security when he visited Ivy University in Tall Oaks to deliver his speech.

On the day of the speech, Helena sent a false alarm over the radio about a group planning to assassinate Benford, giving Simmons the opening he needed. Despite her love for her sister, Helena had a change of heart and tried to convince the other agents to turn back, but due to her past transgressions, only Leon himself was willing to believe her.[6] Unfortunately, the attacks had already begun, and over 70,000 people within the city, including Benford himself, were infected with the C-Virus.

By the time Helena and Leon found Benford, he had already mutated into a zombie, and Leon was forced to kill him with a shot to the head.



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