Adam Benford is a glossary entry for Resident Evil Recollections.


Resident Evil 6
President of the United States at the time of the events in Resident Evil 6, and one of the few people who knows the truth behind Raccoon City.

Benford was a high-ranking government official around the time of the Raccoon Incident, and it was under his suggestion that Leon was offered a position as a government agent. They have been working together ever since for the eradication of bioterrorism.

Fearing greatly for the future of America and humankind itself, he established the DSO, an agency operating directly under Presidential authority, in order to step up the struggle against bioterrorism.

Using Leon as a living witness, he intended to reveal the truth behind the events of Raccoon City during an address at Tall Oaks, but fell victim to a bioterror attack not moments before he was to deliver his speech.

Height: unknown. Weight: unknown. Blood type: unknown. Age: unknown (as of 2013 / Resident Evil 6).




身長:不明。体重:不明。血液型:不明。年齢不明。(2013年当時/BIOHAZARD 6)

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