The "Agent" is the optional player co-op partner of Ada Wong in Resident Evil 6, who was released in a free update for the game on December 17, 2012. Nothing is known about Agent as a character due to him being only in the game for cooperative purposes.

Agent was originally meant to appear in the retail release of Resident Evil 6, however Capcom wasn't able to finish him in time, despite this he was added as a playable character for use in Ada's campaign, The Mercenaries and additional modes. Before his official release, Agent was playable by modding the Resident Evil 6 disc. Agent finds his weapons while progressing through the story like any other playable character and will be able to use all of the weapons found on following playthroughs.


Agent will not appear while playing Ada's campaign solo and will only show up if another player joins the game. Agent will start with the Nine-Oh-Nine and the Survival Knife. Since Agent is Ada's co-op partner, only the joining player can play as Agent, he is not selectable otherwise. During Ada's story cross-play sections, Agent will appear with the character who is partnerless for the segment. During the beginning of Chapter 5 of Ada's Campaign, Agent sits in the co-pilot seat of the helicopter and can fire his own gatling gun, the missiles are shared by both players, however the main camera is controlled by the leading player so in order to control Agent's aiming one must press the respective aim button to take aim to choose their own main direction.


"Agent" comes equipped with the following loadouts in these game modes:

The MercenariesEdit


  • Survival Knife
  • Lightning Hawk (7 rounds on Death Match / 3 rounds on Team Match)
  • Remote Bomb (x1)


  • Survival Knife
  • Lightning Hawk (7 rounds)


  • Nine-Oh-Nine (909) (15 rounds)
  • Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle (5 rounds)
  • Survival Knife
  • Hand Grenade (x3)
  • 9mm Ammo (x50)
  • 7.62mm NATO Ammo (x20)

Siege Edit

  • Ammo Box 50 (50 rounds)
  • 9mm Ammo (x50)
  • 9mm Ammo (x50)
  • 9mm Ammo (x50)


  • "Come to Daddy." (Taunt)

Further notesEdit

  • Agent cannot open doors, chests and other objects; complete puzzles, or move objects. When a cutscene occurs or when Ada uses her hookshot, he will vanish and then reappear near her.
  • This can cause the Agent to miss a few items if the Ada player doesn't wait for him or doesn't open a few doors that lead to weapons or healing items.