Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Exterior view of WilPharma's Harvardville Facility.

The WilPharma Corporation's research facility in Harvardville. It is a state of the art facility, incorporating the latest architectural methods and containment procedures in its construction. It is a circular structure, with 5 sections, each assigned levels of varying danger, ranging from 0 (harmless) to 4 (t-virus and G-virus storage). All of these levels overlook a central massive garden, which serves both an aesthetic purpose and a containment purpose. The roof of the facility is supported by a difference in air pressure via fans outside the complex.

The area is comprised of 5 primary sections, 4 of which are dedicated to viral research. Level 0 is researcher offices and meeting rooms, while Levels 1-4 are various virus laboratories, with Level 1 being fairly minor viral agents, ascending in danger level to Level 4, where extremely infectious viral agents, such as the T-Virus and G-Virus, are kept under heavy security. The entire facility is monitored from an adjacent building, which houses the executive offices and Air Dome Facility Control Center. The two facilities are linked via underground corridors, allowing access in an emergency.

Due to its viral research, the Air Dome Facility is designed to contain a theoretical outbreak via several methods. In an initial outbreak, the central garden and each of the 5 sections are filled with Anhydrous Ethanol, a highly flammable liquid dispersed via ceiling sprinklers. After a five-minute countdown announced via the loudspeakers, the gas is ignited via an electrical spark generated in the garden. Upon ignition, the entire complex is consumed with fire. If the outbreak persists, the 2nd and final outbreak containment procedure is implemented.

The Garden.

The entire dome is built on a gigantic abyss that stretches thousands of feet down. If the fire procedure did not work, then the computer releases the clamps holding the garden above the abyss, causing it to fall and be destroyed. The computer than begins ejecting the other 5 sections, starting with Level 4 then proceeds with Level 0, Then upwards to level 3. A 130-second countdown is issued for each, as seen on the Control Center computer monitors, but only the last few seconds are specifically said in the Air Dome Facility. Otherwise, the ejection is said to begin "soon". Once every section is ejected, the abyss is sealed via heavy blast doors. This method of outbreak eradication was chosen by WilPharma because no being, living or infected, can survive a terminal velocity impact, as the abyss is clearly over 1000 feet deep. There is apparently no way to circumvent the outbreak procedures, and once initiated will not cease until the outbreak is eradicated.

The Air Dome is mostly destroyed during the events of Resident Evil: Degeneration, when a time bomb goes off in the facility, damaging the center garden and causing a T-Virus outbreak, zombifying the research staff. The facility is locked down and containment procedures cause all of the sections to be plunged into a deep abyss, leaving the facility in ruins and causing Tricell to submit an offer to purchase WilPharma.