Mainstream universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Alan was an employee for an unidentified B.O.W. manufacturer.


Alan and Mia Winters were transporting Eveline on a ship when Eveline began using her powers to infect the people on board with Mold, including Alan. When he began to show symptoms of infection, he dispatched Mia to kill or recapture her.

Shortly afterwards, he referred to Eveline as a "bitch" in conversation with Mia, prompting Eveline to cause the mold inside him to grow much more rapidly, killing him.

Further notesEdit

  • Alan's name is different in the credits and file he is mentioned in. The former calls him Alan Douglas, while the latter calls him Alan Droney (アラン・ドロニィ). Biohazard 7 Kaitai Shinsho also refers to him by the latter name.
  • The English localization of "Orders" incorrectly refers to Alan as the project's director. In the Japanese script both he and Mia are simply referred to as "special agents".




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