"A functioning replica of the anti-bioweapon handgun. Even though it's a replica, it still packs a punch."
— Inventory description for Albert-01R

The Albert-01 (アルバート-01 arubāto - 01?) is a weapon that appears in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.




The Albert-01 is given to the player during the final boss fight. It holds 9 Handgun Ammo. While aiming, it emits a laser from its laser sight. When fired, it emits a blue flash and leaves a blue tinted smoke when hits Eveline.


The Albert-01R can be unlocked for use in the main game by completing the game once. It still possesses incredibly high firepower, and stopping power but only holds 3 rounds and has significant recoil. It takes up 1 inventory slot.

As it uses Handgun Ammo, it is effectively the single most ammo-efficient weapon in the game in regards to its very high firepower, comparable to the 44 MAG without ammo scarcity while only taking half the inventory space. Unlike the other handguns in the game, coupling it with Enhanced Handgun Ammo will further its firepower without noticeably jeopardizing its already cumbersome fire rate.


The Albert-01R reward is unlocked when the player accumulates 5,000,000 points. Once unlocked, it can be crafted for 200 Scrap. The "Handgun Upgrade" Skill will affect this weapon.

Ethan Must DieEdit

It can be randomly acquired in 4-star ranked chests.

Not A HeroEdit

"An Albert W.-model handgun designed for the sole purpose of eliminating bioweapons. Packs a punch."
— Not a Hero inventory description

The Samurai Edge - AW Model-01 ( サムライエッジ<A.W.モデル01> samuraiejji<A.W.moderu 01>?) is part of Chris' starting inventory on Easy and Normal, and can be found in the first room of the Mine Cart area on Professional difficulty.

Further notesEdit