Further notes
  • In Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps, Wesker's voice is heard, implying that a clone of him was somehow made after his death.
  • According to his epilogue in Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Wesker is somehow responsible for zombie outbreak in Earth -2149; In the series, Max Eisendhardt mentions making a deal with an unknown individual who would provide the zombie virus to his earth (apparently to give mutants a fighting chance against humans), while Wesker (part of the Marvel universe called Capcom ) mentions developing marvelous zombies. However, this theory has not been verified nor proved.
  • In Resident Evil 5, Wesker's previous height of 6'0" was retroactively changed to 6'3", to appear more threatening. Although in actual gameplay, he appears to be closer to 6'7".
  • In Marvel vs Capcom 3, if Wesker is the first character on his team he sometimes says, "Three against three." This is a reference to Resident Evil 5 when Chris and Sheva are about to fight against Wesker and Jill, Wesker says, "Two on two."
  • In Nintendo Power's 250 Reasons to Love Nintendo Edition, Wesker was listed as Nintendo Power's 9th favorite villain. He is also reason #29 to love Nintendo.
  • The fight scene is shown in Resident Evil: Afterlife between Wesker and the Redfield siblings is nearly identical to the fight scene shown in Resident Evil 5 where Wesker fought against Chris and Sheva.
  • If a player completes the game on Professional difficulty and then logs into PlayStation Home, the player will be awarded a Wesker decoration trophy. He will be wearing his Resident Evil 5 uniform and appearance along with his long overcoat.
  • If a player completes the bug hunting in the RE5 hub in PlayStation Home and has save data of Resident Evil 5 on their PlayStation 3, the player can go inside the building and speak with Reynard. He will award the player with a pair of Wesker's sunglasses for locating all the beetles.
  • Wesker, alongside Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield, has three cards in the Resident Evil DBG. Wesker's cards are two characters and one Infected, as opposed to Chris and Jill, which simply have three different character cards.
  • Concept storyboard artwork for Resident Evil 5 depicted an alternate version of Wesker's death: Wesker is in human form within magma, and Chris and Sheva then launch some missiles at Wesker while he is in the lava pit. Another concept art also indicated that Wesker was to have been shot in the head by Sheva on a landing platform.[1]
  • Although his fate overall in all the endings of both Resident Evil and REmake were largely the same, the Barry Lives ending had a significant change between the two versions: In the original Resident Evil, Wesker ended up killed in the power room by an unknown creature (implied to be a Chimera, since it's the only other entity inside the room when this discovery was made), with his body next to the control panel. The REmake, on the other hand, has him being implied to have escaped from the place alive, due to his body not being found near the self-destruct panel.
    • In addition, his specific reaction to the Tyrant turning against him differed between the original game and the REmake. In the former, Wesker clearly panicked when the Tyrant proceeded to turn against him, yelling "What? Don't come this way!" as it advanced towards him. In the REmake, Wesker just gets impaled through the glass as it exits. The latter is treated as canonical, although the REmake version of the Barry Lives ending has Wesker reacting in a similar manner to the original version of all non-Barry Lives endings.
  • In the Rebecca dies path of Chris's scenario in the original game, just before Wesker leads Chris into the culture tank room by gunpoint, Wesker apologizes for lacking manners and explains that he wasn't used to escorting men. This dialogue was cut in the 2002 remake, due to the confrontation with Wesker being moved to directly within the culture tank room rather than in the pathway just outside of it, thus making the dialogue unnecessary.