Albert Wesker is a Character card in Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game, appearing as a promotional card. The card is one of two based on Albert Wesker's appearance from Resident Evil 5. The other is Albert Wesker (CH-001).


The PR-005 card was originally distributed as a promotional item at GenCon 2011. Later it was included with store promo packs for the Mercenaries expansion in 2012.[1] Mercenaries was the final expansion of the game.

PR-005 is one of ten promotional cards that were never included with any iteration of the Deck Building Game. As a result, they are often sold individually or in pairs by independent retailers online. Due to its limited release, the Wesker card is perhaps the most rare of any card in the game. Searching for it online shows that it is sold for much higher prices than other promotional cards.


This card has effects related to the amount of Maximum Health he has after being defeated by Infected. His Level 1 effect states that if Wesker's maximum Health is 80 or less, he gets +1 Card. His Level 2 effect gives him +1 Explore if his health is 60 or less. This card also has 100 Health, like the original Wesker card from the base set.