Further notes

The Albinoid is the result of the t-Virus having been injected into salamanders. The effect is as usual with simpler animals injected with t-Virus; considerable growth with some mutation.



Albinoid Infant

Immature Albinoids can generate a moderately powerful electric shock to stun prey in close proximity. These infants are encountered by Claire Redfield in the B.O.W. lab of the Rockfort Island Military Training Center where they broke into the laboratory she was in. Although relatively weak in this state, they will grow to adulthood in a matter of ten hours or more.


Chris Redfield encounters this creature fully grown in a pool of water in the basement of the Training Facility where it is unwittingly guarding an Eagle Plate needed for progress to the next area. This adult Albinoid is extremely difficult to engage in its aquatic habitat due to its powerful electrical discharges, however, its unwillingness to leave the pool allows for the player to engage it from the sides without fear of getting shocked.



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