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Dr. Alexander Ashford, 6th Earl Ashford was a geneticist who worked for Umbrella Pharmaceuticals in its early years. The son of Dr. Edward Ashford, 5th Earl Ashford, he was part of the 20th Century British aristocracy. Alexander was the last legal heir of the Ashford earldom, as his children were secretly adopted.


Early life and ascensionEdit

"The year is 1983, and I'm afraid that my only daughter has become obsessed with the Veronica virus. "

Alexander, the son of wealthy aristocrat Dr. Edward Ashford, aided his father in research on the Progenitor virus.[1] However, he neither possessed exceptional knowledge nor interest in virology, and instead used what he knew of genetic engineering to become an Umbrella researcher. His most notable achievement was the discovery of the human gene that regulated intelligence, but despite this, he remained a relatively minor scientist and was never truly rewarded.


Hoping to put his discovery to good use in resuscitating the Ashford family's reputation, he used advanced cloning techniques and strands of DNA taken from the embalmed corpse of the Ashford family matriarch, Veronica to create a pair of twins, whom he named Alfred and Alexia. Alfred was of above-average intellect, but not a genius, whilst Alexia possessed unmatched intelligence, and went on to become a Chief Senior Researcher at Umbrella at the mere age of ten. The creation of these twins was horrifying at best. Finding it unbearable that anyone should find his records, Alexander hid them in a secret room at the Antarctic Base.

Alexander Ashford

A portrait of Alexander Ashford, son of Edward Ashford.

However, over a decade later, Alfred found the secret room, but was unable to open the doorway, requiring three family gemstones to open it. He easily accessed two of them, as they belonged to him and his sister, but tricking his father into surrendering his was another matter. He eventually succeeded, and opened the door. He read the records and went mad from the revelation that he was merely the unintended by-product of his father's experiment, and to the atrocious truth behind the experiments that ultimately resulted in his and his sister's creation.

Around this time, Alexander started to express concerns surrounding Alexia's obsession with the t-Veronica Virus, a viral strain she had developed by combining the Progenitor virus with Queen Ant's DNA, Alexia desires to experiment on her own body with it and to release it into the world. Alexander's worries are increased to the point that he installed an experimental anti-B.O.W. weapon known as the "Linear Launcher" in the facility as a last resort to stop her if she carried through on her plans.

Transformation and deathEdit


Nosferatu in Darkside Chronicles.

After finding out how he and his sister were born, Alfred was embittered and mad at his father for not making him as intelligent as Alexia. Alfred trapped him and used him as a guinea pig to test Alexia's experimental virus strain, the T-Veronica. Within two months, he mutated into an abomination and the twins, disgusted that he was a failure even as an experiment, chained him in a secret room in the Antarctic base, where he remained in solitary confinement until 1998. Hidden away from the facility, he became the monster known as "Nosferatu" to the workers, who were terrified by his noises.[2][notes 1]

Alexander eventually managed to break free during Claire Redfield and Steve Burnside's attempt to escape the building by using a digger to drive through the wall. He quickly undid the majority of the chains around before heading off in pursuit. The Nosferatu made it to a heliport just as Claire and Steve arrived on the roof and fought Claire. There, he began to grow mutated appendages to attack Claire and Steve. He, however, was killed by Claire who inflicted heavy damage to his chest and the two escaped. Alexia soon after hung his body from a crane. Claire's brother, Chris, was able to recover a family heirloom from his body.

Family tree of the Ashford dynastyEdit

Unknown parent
(modified clone)
(modified clone)



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