Alexander Ashford is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.



The 6th head of the Ashford family. His father Edward cofounded Umbrella and raised the Ashford name to its summit of fame.

His son Alexander, in his mediocrity, was unable to take the reins of power in any meaningful way, and in only one generation, ruined the family name. He was such a disgrace that even his own children saw him with contempt.

Alexander, who admitted to not having the aptitude for viral research, nor the qualifications to build upon the achievements of his father, pushed forward with a plan to use what genetic engineering he did learn to restore the family name.

The construction of the Antarctic Base was part of that plan. Sometime around 1983, Alexander disappeared suddenly and mysteriously.

But the hope of Umbrella had already been placed on Alexia, a brainy young girl who was beginning to demonstrate unusual talents, and whom Umbrella had named its chief researcher just a few years earlier.





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