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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)

Dr. Alexander Roland Isaacs was a virologist known for founding the Umbrella Corporation. He is also the true main antagonist in the Resident Evil film series.


Beginnings Edit

Following Dr. James Marcus' development of the T-Virus, Isaacs found Marcus's creation to be a profitable necessity. Having failed at trying to negotiate with Marcus about mass-producing the T-Virus, under Isaacs's order, Wesker suffocated the virus's creator. Isaacs then took Marcus's daughter, Alicia, under his wing to run Umbrella Corporation as partners.

An "Orchestrated" Apocalypse Edit

During a conference with the Umbrella High Command, Isaacs discusses how problems in the modern world are going to lead to the end of it. Thus, he proposed a solution by which Umbrella creates their own apocalypse, under their own terms via the T-virus. Alicia, having learned of Isaac's plan, ensured a video recording of the meeting and transferred the file to the Red Queen program. After the beginning of the Global T-Virus pandemic, Isaacs entered stasis in the Hive with the rest of Umbrella High Command and thousands of employees. Two different clones would continue his work while Isaacs was in stasis.

Awakening and deathEdit

After Alice, a clone of Alicia Marcus who had been fighting the Umbrella Corporation began making her way to the Hive to get the anti-virus capable of ending the Global T-Virus pandemic, Albert Wesker had the Red Queen wake Isaacs and Alicia.

Upon Alice's arrival in the lowest level of the Hive, she was confronted by Isaacs who demanded that she drop her weapon. Isaacs threatened to smash the only vial of the anti-virus in existence which would render it useless due to the Hive being a closed environment. With Doc holding Alice at gunpoint and Wesker holding Claire Redfield, Isaacs reveals himself as the real Isaacs who has been technologically upgraded. As a result, Isaacs predicts Alice's moves and warns her not to try. He then reveals Alice's true history as a clone of Alicia who Isaacs is eager to have die so that he can gain full control of Umbrella. Isaacs is aware of Alicia uploading the recording of the meeting concerning his plan to the Red Queen and recognizes that the Red Queen has betrayed Umbrella. Alicia realizes that while Isaacs owns 50% of the company, Wesker is just an employee and fires him. This allows the Red Queen to act, dropping a door on Wesker's arm and crushing it. As Alice and Claire attack, Isaacs flees with the anti-virus, only needing to keep it away from them long enough for the last human settlement to be destroyed to win.

Isaacs enters an elevator where he forces the Red Queen to deactivate herself. As the Red Queen does so, she taunts "Doctor Alexander Isaacs and the Umbrella High Command. You are all going to die down here." Alice and Claire enter the elevator where Isaacs' technological enhancements enable him to predict their moves and dodge their bullets. Isaacs' fight with Alice takes them to the laser grid which he activates. When Alice dodges the lasers, Isaacs engages her hand-to-hand in the room, proving more than a match for Alice. Isaacs throws Alice around and even cuts off the fingers of her left hand with the lasers before discovering that she has dropped an activated grenade in his pocket. The grenade seriously wounds Isaacs who apparently dies moments later. Alice then takes the anti-virus and heads for the surface.

Shortly after Alice departs, Isaacs is revived by a life support system within his body and makes his way to the surface just before the Hive is destroyed by explosives planted by Alice. As Alice drops the anti-virus, Isaacs appears and catches it, holding Alice at gunpoint. Before Isaacs can kill Alice, his clone appears with an Undead army and is shocked to see himself there. Isaacs informs his clone that he's the real Alexander Isaacs while the clone is just a copy. Enraged and refusing to believe Isaacs, the clone attacks him, stabbing Isaacs repeatedly with a knife. His clone's attack causes Isaacs' life support system to fail, killing him. Isaacs' clone is killed moments later by the Undead, allowing Alice to retrieve and release the anti-virus.

The next morning, Alice is informed by the Red Queen that Isaacs' death allowed her to reactivate herself and recall the Umbrella forces. This combined with the release of the anti-virus foils Isaacs' plan to end humanity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Due to technological upgrades, Isaacs exhibits superhuman abilities. By looking at objects and a person in relation to them, Isaacs' can project scenarios in regards to the object and person. Amongst other things, this gives him the ability to dodge bullets. Isaacs' upgrades also grant him superhuman strength and durability.

Isaacs is shown to possess a life support system as part of his upgrades that can revive him from near death and keep Isaacs going despite serious injury from a grenade blast. However, this life support system has limits and multiple lethal injuries, such as the many knife wounds delivered by his clone, will cause the life support system to fail and Isaacs to die.



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