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Alexi-5000 as seen in Resident Evil

The Alexi 5000 was a train owned and manufactured by the Umbrella Corporation. It was used by their employees to enter and exit the underground research facility known as The Hive.


During the events of the film, Spence attempted to escape the Hive on the train after releasing the T-Virus in the facility. When the Red Queen was alerted of the outbreak, she shut down all power to the facility, presumably as the train reached its destination, and rendered Spence unconscious with a nerve gas defense system. Five hours later, the train was accessed by an Umbrella special forces team, Alice, and Matt Addison to regain access to the Hive in the wake of the Red Queen's actions.

Once Rain reset the train's wiring, Spence was found unconscious on the outside of the train and promptly revived by the Medic who assessed he suffered from the same symptoms as Alice. Near the end of the film, Spence once again attempts to use the train to escape the Hive and is caught off guard by the appearance of the Advanced Licker and killed moments later. Alice and last of the survivors escape the lab with the help of Chad Kaplan and board the train. They were en route to the exit of the Hive when the Licker attacks the train; during the fight, Kaplan and Rain are killed, leaving Matt and Alice as the sole survivors. The Licker is killed when Matt opens a door on the floor of the train. It's body dragged along the tracks until it catches fire and the train's doors close, cutting its tongue in half, freeing it from the train. The train arrives to the exit without further problems and the survivors exit the Hive.

Further notes

  • The train is a reference to the Galaxie 5000 featured in Resident Evil 2[1] and Outbreak.
  • The train's name Alexi is a reference to Alexia Ashford, the main villain of Resident Evil : Code Veronica .


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