The Alexia-Pod was part of a huge plant-like organism called Veronica Plant resting under the Antarctic Base with which the T-Veronica-infected Alexia Ashford shared a symbiotic relationship.[1]


It is unknown who created the plant, although Alexia is perhaps the one behind its creation, during her experiment with the T-Veronica virus. The Alexia-Pod became active at around the same time as Alexia's revival.[2][3]


Transforming Alexia

The Alexia-Pod are about to merge with Alexia.

The plant possessed a number of large, mutated plant vines which extend throughout the terminal, and were controlled by Alexia. The Tentacles possess great speed and strength, being fast enough to catch up to Steve Burnside and Claire Redfield's fleeing snowmobile in Antarctica, and strong enough to deliver a devastating blow to Steve's mutant form.

Interestingly, in some cutscenes in RE Code: Veronica, the Alexia-Pod appear to be individual organism, as a single tentacle is strong enough to throw the snowmobile on its own. While in Darkside Chronicles, the Tentacles are often work as groups. This is showcased during the battle between Chris and Claire Redfield against Mutated Steve, a pair of Tentacles grabbed Claire while the other Tentacles attempted to catch Chris. The Tentacles apparently have mutagenic properties, able to transform Alexia from her superhuman form into insect-like monster.


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