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Anderson universe
(Covers information from Anderson's universe)

Alice was test subject for the Umbrella Prime biohazard simulations. She was a clone of Alice, one of Umbrella's senior security chiefs, who was one of the original 50 donors to the project. When Alice was created in Umbrella Prime, she was given false memories to establish an identity of an upper-middle class suburban wife, with a "husband" and "daughter" by the names Todd and Becky, respectively.


Alice awoke for the first time in the bed of her and Todd's house. After dinner she got ready too take Becky to school, realising she was already late. During breakfast the house was overrun by Majini Undead and Todd was killed. She escaped with Becky to the streets where she was rescued by activist neighbor Rain. A short time afterward their car was struck by a truck and overturned. They escaped into a nearby home and hid. Overwhelmed, Alice attacked and killed one of the Undead only to be killed by her infected husband. Her body was later found by Alice and Ada Wong, and Becky was taken in by Alice as an adoptive daughter.


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